100 Reasons Why I Love You

Happy 100th Day. 

 Hi ! Hello ! I don't know if you will ever read this nor whether I should post this or not because first, you may not like it's content, second because this is posted on public, third because you might think I'm assuming and exaggerating things but no, because not posting this will surely not give me a piece of mind so please just bare with me. 

Because my decision of blogging this is definite, let's start with my introduction. 

*clears throat*

Time sure flies ! We've only known each other for the past three months & to be honest, I couldn't imagine what I would be in those months if I hadn't met you because you've changed in me so many different levels, of course in a good perspective! 

To commemorate our 100th Day of knowing and being together, I made a list of reasons why I'm so damn in love with you haha ! Sorry it's just that I'm feeling so freaking cheesy right now hahaha !oh and I just want you to know that those little things you do won't go unnoticed. 

Soooo shall we start love  ??

100 Reasons Why I Love You

1. You always know the right things to say and do to make me happy

2. You always try to understand me 

3. You bring out the best in me 

4. You make me want you more 

5. You go out of your way just to see me 

6. You consider my feelings and opinions 

7. You always look cool in everything you do

8. You make me feel secure

9. Your gorgeous eyes 

10. Your smile 

11. Your passion for the things you love to do

12. Your uniqueness 

13. Your intelligence 

14. Your small gestures to show you care 

15. Your kindness 

16. Your lovely voice when you sing 

17. Your sexy collar bone

18. Your positive vibe

19. Your surprise back hug

20. Your once in a blue moon compliments

21. Your honesty

22. Your laugh 

23. Your kissable and soft lips

24. Your "sige" accent

25. Your perfect imperfections

26. Your voice on the phone

27. You're mysterious

28. You're a keeper

29. You're not clingy

30. You're a gentleman

31. How tall you are

32. How independent you can be

33. How you always support me in everything I do

34. How cool you look when you play instruments

35. How you stand up for yourself and what you believe in

36. How you're slowly opening up to me

37. How you still showed up on our date even when you're sick

38. How you tell more about yourself

39. How you randomly tell me you love me or miss me

40. How hard we have worked to make this happen

41. How you give little pecks after we kiss

42. How you didn't mind getting infected with my cough

43. How our time together is just never quite enough

44. How I can't stop smiling when I'm with you

45. How you seem to know me so well

46. How you style your hair

47. How you changed me into a better person

48. How you play with my hair

49. How you put up with my stupidity, drama and my lack of sense with directions

50. How you hug me

51. How you cuddle me in

52. How crazy and weird you can get

53. How sweet you can be

54. How you react when I curse

55. How you put up with my rants

56. How you tease me 

57. How you always win at our staring contest

58. How I still get butterflies 

59. How you held my hand tighter when I cried

60. How you told me I'm still beautiful without make up

61. How you kiss me when I was in the middle of saying something

62. How you still get shy about things

63. How you listen to my non sense stories

64. How you haven't given up on me yet

65. How you respect my feelings

66. How you let me watch My Love From The Star

67. How you always put a kissing emoticon at the very end of your goodnight message

68. How you handle my jealous vibe

69. How you make me capable of loving someone again

70. How you look good with everything

71. How you make me smile with just a text in the morning

72. How we always act like a married couple at the grocery store

73. How you impersonate "Hallelujah Chance"

74. How God-fearing you are

75. How we play hide and seek at a toy store

76. How you always look cool in everything you do

77. How you always ask me if I'm okay from time to time

78. How you let me have that Vanguard card which you treasured a lot

79. How you make me feel so special and loved

80. How you always know how to make my heart melt

81. How you hug me and never want to let go

82. How confident you are

83. How talking to you makes my bad mood go away

84. The safeness I feel when you're around

85. The way we share the same dream of going to the land of the rising sun

86. The curious and serious look

87. The fact that I could never hate you

88. The I love you more fights

89. The fact that you apologize even when I'm the one at fault

90. The way our fingers intertwine perfectly

91. The warmth of your embrace

92. The silly jokes you make

93. The chemistry we share

94. The way you called me to wake me up 

95. The way you inspire me to be more than I am

96. You're my bestfriend

97. The fact that you choose me among other girls

98. The way time flies when I'm with you

99.  You're my happy pill

100. I love you simply because you are YOU. ♥

I still have tons of things to say and 100 is just never enough! :)
This is actually a little gift from me ( if you consider this as one xD) because that's how much I love you and I just want you to know that I've never regret meeting and being with you. 

Looking forward on spending more and more memories with you until we reach our 500th, 1,000th days and so on!! 

We rarely talk these past few days because of some complications and I've been working on this so gomen neeeee ^___^v ! Though it's a little late, I want to make it up to you and I hope you'll like this coz if you don't I'll rip your heart out okay ? 

I love you and once again, Happy 100th Day handsome~ !

~► Grace


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