Cute Polka Dotted Rainbow Bow Tie Ribbon The Blueberry Star: December 2014

Sunday, December 28, 2014

My TwenTEEN Birthday

"Teenage life no more TTuTT"

Says the girl who just turned 20 last December 20. 


Since I'm so in love with writing/storytelling, I'm here to blog about how my birthday went.

Me and my gang annually have our own Christmas party along with the celebration of my birthday as it falls on the same month. This year was no different. I love spending my time with them the most, especially on my important day. 

This mini party took place at my home. Where they called their dorm because this is also our go to place/tambayan

Prepared and displayed the gifts for our Monito-Monita. This is getting exciting!!

Wackiest friend of mine, Ynah :)

Itadakimasu !! 
The shit fam gave it to me as a gift !! Senkyuuuuu!! Huhu !! Now I'm feeling japanese on my birthday. Lol but yeah! TTuTT 

Saturday, December 27, 2014

BEN 41's Christmas Party

You know our generous Professor who I mentioned on my blog post before ? 

Yeah the one who continuously gives us free meal every class meeting.

Well, he kinda went all out this time.

By organizing and sponsoring our class's Christmas Party!!! 

That's probably the most touching and overwhelming thing a Professor can do to his class. Not everyone can spend that amount of money for a class he only gets to meet once a week! 

Anywayssss, I'm here again to document the party that took place at Casino Espanyol de Manila last December 18. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take photos because my very useful and loving phone died even before the party started. And since I feel like I'm gonna die if I don't make an entry about it, I asked my dear classmates to use the photos that they took during the said event and I'm happy that majority of them agreed :) 

So with the help of them, I'll now present you "BEN 41's Christmas Party".

*le starts narrating*
*ehem ehem*

After my office duties, I met two of my friends, Laida and Bebi at their office where we get dressed. 

Thank you Ma'am Laine for these pictures. :)

Monday, December 22, 2014

Family Reunion + Daiso Shopping !

In celebration of my brother's and my Tita's birthday, another reunion was held.  This one was more special than the last gathering we had just this October because my cousins from Cavite came too !! The more the merrier! These were the people that I grew up with back in the days and now they have their own families!! 

Story telling start!!!

I'm not a morning person but we have to leave early to avoid heavy traffic. And I'm like shmurrr...=__=

A cloudy weather it is. 

We all know how good the lighting in the morning is , therefore it shall not be missed. So.....

Le skin looked so good!! Thank you iPhone for making it appear smooth even when it's really dry.

Monday, December 8, 2014

3 Weeks of Office Life

I've been ranting about how hard it is to find a company to have my OJT on my previous posts. After a week of company hunting, we finally found a company to render our services to.

Today, I'm gonna share my stories of how it all started. This will be a brief summary of my office life for the past 3 weeks. Actually, everything happened so fast!! Passed our resum├ęs on Monday, got called on Wednesday then finally started our first day on Thursday, last November 20. Relieved that two of my friends got accepted too! 

First day in photos...

Brought this pink and white striped bow because I need some Kawaii power on my first day!!!! Met my friends and had breakfast before going to the office.

And we're here.. we arrived so early and since nobody's around, I took few photos of the office. 

Friday, December 5, 2014

How My November Went

November was probably the most hectic month for me. I only managed to update two blog posts because of my always full schedule. Gomen ne~ (-A-) I missed blogging aaaa!!  and now that I have the time to publish a new entry, I will no longer make you wait!! :D

We set up our 5 ft. Christmas Tree in the very first day of November. I don't know why mom decided to put it up in the middle of a gloomy holiday. It still looked fab after all these years... Would you believe if I say that it is older than me ? 

Nevermind the messy decorations, we're talking about the tree and the tree alone hahaha !! Let's just focus on the subject 'mkay? XD

Monday, December 1, 2014

The Good People

It's true that there are still kind hearted people in this now liberated country. And I'm gonna say that I'm one of those fortunate people who get to experience such blessing :) Not just once but twice!!
We call these people the good samaritans.

First, was when we were inquiring at companies and hotels for our OJT(on the job training) around Mabini which included a lot of walking and touring. Me and my friends were all dead and tired. It felt like we're looking for an actual job. We've been circling around Mabini the whole day and we decided to go to Robinson's Place and dropped by McDonald's to grab something to eat. My group is very practical when it comes to eating in fast foods, we bring our own extra rice, since we don't want to waste our money on their overly high priced extra rice hahaha!! Yes we do that! 

After stuffing ourselves, we stayed a little longer to talk about our next plans regarding the company hunting. When this woman around her 40's approached and handed us a take out bag from McDonalds, I thought at first that she's here for soliciting and stuffs. But no,she told us that it was from a guy whom she pointed at, standing outside the store. He's a foreigner around his 50's I guess.  We gladly accepted the bag and thanked the good hearted stranger, he nodded, smiled and waved at us in return.

And it seemed like he was eyeing on us for quite a while because the number of burgers was just enough for us :)