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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Struggles of Planning a Birthday Surprise!

You guys have probably met him on quite a couple of times on my previous posts. I really really wanna share this to all of you coz I consider this one as an achievement. Planning and doing everything by myself is such a work pala ! Joke lang! Naipon lang kase yung mga effort ko bes hahaha! Walang mapag buhusan ng effort eh. :3

Today's blog is about how I lowkey surprised my boyfriend on his birthday!
Yep! lowkey coz it wasn't really a grand surprise. I didn't prepare so many things nor invite some peeps over. Personally, I just wanted it to be for just the two of us. I really am just itching on telling the story behind it, like the dilemmas, the struggles of doing everything. If there's one thing I've learned from this it would be the "not everything can go as you have planned". 

Imma tell you why.

His birthday was on December 26. I started planning about it halfway November. Saving a little from the 3 cut offs left before the grand day I think somehow managed to survive! I first came up with the "Love Coupons" idea that I found on Youtube, bought the materials the next day and made my own version of it. Onto the second gift, I decided to make the infamous mini photo album that I stumbled upon on my Facebook feed just thought that making it is just a piece of cake so I gave it a try. Ain't the artsy type but my creative and art juices be overflowing everywhere tf! Going to and fro Trinoma and SM North just so I can find the finest designs and stickers for it! I was always out and about especially on the last few days! I printed out our photos only to received some major side eye from the woman on the photo stall. Sorry na ate pagbigyan mo na ako. I know it looks cheesy, I was embarrassed myself T^T Anywayssss,  I bought a box where I can put the two of them (the Love Coupons and the Mini Photo Album) together and make the box cutesy by putting some chocolates and all those tiny scrapbook designs. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

December 2016

Let's just say, I don't want December to come. First, because it's my brother's birthday. Second, because it's my birthday. Lastly, because it's not like we're up for some celebration. For the most obvious reason of course. 

Came my younger brother's birthday who falls on the exact date my mom died a month ago. He was emotional throughout the day but I can't blame him for that. All that I could offer was my comforting words. 
He's only 16 years old and he's not ready to experience so much pain at a young age. I often see him beside our altar talking to mom's picture. It was saddening but I think him talking to mom really do helps sometimes. He would tell mom stories or how his day went as if she's really there. To top it all, mom appears in his dreams the most. She even greeted him :) I cried whenever he tells me about his dreams with mom. She sure does look after him from above. 

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Mama's 40 Days + Christmas

Mama's 40 days was held last December 16, 2016.
I was surprised a lot of people came to commemorate with us. 
They said 40th day after her death is the time when they'd leave the land and go to heaven. I wonder if that's true. But if it is, I'm glad. I'm glad she can find peace somewhere far. Even if that means not seeing her in flesh at least that would give me a peace of mind thinking that she is not suffering anymore.
I know she's watching over us from above :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

November 2016

I know that it's super late but let me continue where I left off. I have so many things I wanted to share with you guys but uuh you know some things we have no control of tends to happen every now and then. Frankly, I don't wanna think about my mom anymore. It just makes me emotional and it's not helping. I'm trying my very best to move on and be positive as much as possible. Mom would want the same thing for us. Diba Atunton ? :) I love you mama !♥ wag ka na mag adik sa iced tea dyan sa heaven ha ? hihihi !

So last November, I did quite a lot of things and I'm thankful for that coz it made me keep my mind off things. 

After a week of being absent at work, I returned with so much responsibilities and I gotta thank my Boss for that. Bet he's doing that to help me occupy myself. :) 

I was an instant representative hahaha!

First off was this Product Training from one of your suppliers International Microvillage Inc. Held at Bigoli Restorante, Trinoma.
Obviously not familiar with the products they sell Ikr ako na walang alam, But now, I got tons of new knowledge thanks for having me haha !