9 Things I Just Can't Handle

Random list I just came up with :D

Here are the 9 things I just really can't stand!

1.) Darkness- I couldn't stand being in the dark for a long time because that is where my imagination together with my brain make up some scary ideas. Darkness as in pitch black not the dark of the night. I really don't like it. It's as scary as hell. I'm now 19 but if you left me in somewhere dark, I'd probably cry! some find peace in the dark and I really wonder how could they do that ? 

2.) Perverts- I know, I know, who wouldn't want to punch someone who keeps on peeping between your legs even when you're decently dressed ? That happens to me all the time, especially when I'm wearing my uniform and seated properly. Guys would be like cracking and breaking their necks just to get a view.There'd be times where I confront them or gave them a death glare just to let them know that I've caught their sneaky little act!

3.) Trashy Attitudes- I've known many people who have them. I just really can't handle that. I mean if you have a problem with me, talk to me. Don't show me that kind of attitude. It's frustrating when someone acts all mighty and know it all and someone who is full of him/herself. People like them should keep their feet on the ground. They haven't even reach anything yet but then they act like that. That is so wrong people!
This also applies to the younger generation. Kids nowadays are so impolite and disrespectful! Some are just 12 or younger but they'd be like "oh my gosh he broke up with meee ! What am I gonna do I can't live without him"!!!. Ha ! Bitch please ! when I was 12 I'm still confused about Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus !! 

4.) Annoying Noises- I have tons of it ! Like the tapping of the pen against the table or chairs, the sound of fingernails against the blackboard or in a wall. I know I'm not the only one. Also I don't like when a terrible singer sings (I didn't mean to offend anyone) but my face literally shows when I dislike what I'm hearing. I don't know it but some told me about it, that my facial expressions change. I think I unconsciously do it. Sorry to anyone if I made a face like that. I'll try to control that bad mannerism of mine.I'm no good singer myself so maybe that's why I look like a dying horse when I sing 

5.) Seeing Bruises- I just can't stand seeing bruises, especially those large, violet, pinkish and greenish colored ones. T__T omg just describing it makes me feel bad.I don't know if I'm the only one but I feel unwell and weak whenever I see a bruise whether it's mine or in others' body. It's draining my energy to be honest. I just can't look at it ! Is there a scientific explanation about it ? xD

6.) Frequent Facebook Status Update- this seriously gets in my nerves. Hey if you're going to update your status every 30 freaking seconds, I suggest you use Twitter instead.Those people who post every little detail about them like ''cutting my nails atm" or "in the shower now" haha ! actually none of us cares.Well anyway, it's their facebook, they can post anything they want. I just hope they could minimize their status updates and think before they click ! 

7.) Famewhores- since we're talking about facebook, might as well talk about famewhores. Those people who crave for fame on social media. They'd post photos of themselves with a very attractive caption, some even show some cleavage or wear seductive clothing just to get attention Ha ! I've had enough of that.They think they are the best just because they have hundreds or thousands of likers. It's amazing how fame could easily change a person. If you really want to get notice, do good deeds instead !People will appreciate you more.

8.) Seeing Your Friend Get Stuck in a One-Sided-Love- Since, I've experienced how painful and terrible it is, I don't want my friend to feel the same thing. I just couldn't let myself watch as she does every possible ways to get the guy to like her. You know the "been there done that feeling" ?I often get affected whenever she gets sad or upset because of that guy. I don't want her to be stuck. I want her to move on and realize her worth. It just pains me seeing her heartbroken and I actually want to punch the guy with a brick !

9.) Seeing My Mum Cry- it's the most heartbreaking thing in the world.
I know I'm not the only one. It tears me up whenever I see my mum cry. It's probably one of the worst scenarios in the world and you wish you could take away all of her pain and sufferings instead. It hurts when I couldn't do anything to make her feel better. I hope the next time she cries would be because of joy!

So there goes my list of the things I couldn't handle. My apologies if some of them turned out to be rants haha ! It's just my honest opinion and again, I didn't intend to offend anyone. So long ~



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