My 7 Childhood Beliefs

When I was a kid, everything seems to be happier. My feelings were always heightened. I cry for the very shallow reasons like not getting what I want or whenever my parents ignore me. But as I slowly approach the adulthood, I realized that being a kid was the most enjoyable and memorable moment of my life and if I could only wish, I'd wish not to grow up anymore and just be a kid forever.Because being a child means no drama, no problems, no trust issues, no care in the world and no broken hearts. Unlike now, I've heard countless dramas and unlimited problems. I live in a generation where I have to care for every little thing because people will judge me, finding my true friends became hard and my heart has been badly broken and played
 (cheers for the broken hearted girl wtf!) to sum it all, being a child is way more fun ! Growing up sucks.

To reminisce my childhood, I made a list of the things that I used to believe in when I was young ! 
Let's take a look ! Shall we ? 

1.) Fairytales Are True- I'm a Disney kid and I grew up watching almost every fairytales! Now that I've grown, I realize how Disney had me believing that my prince charming will come and get me with his white horse and have a happy ending in a castle. But no ! in real life prince charmings aren't easy to find. They are not dressed in a medieval prince suits and won't come with his white horse.I grew up thinking that someday someone will love me just like in Disney movies but I was brainwashed and fell for their trap. All they did is to make unrealistic expectations about love. In reality not all guys have the characteristics of a prince, and it would be really rare to find one because most of them were made out of perfection. Everything becomes complicated once you grow up and things aren't gonna be the way it was before. But hey, there would still be guys out there who can be your prince, not perfect but will give you the perfect fairytale that you have always wanted right ?

2.) Rose Smells Awesome- When I was a kid, every romance movies that I have watched have a scene where the girl smells a rose and they would be like smiling at it and seems to like the fragrant. So I used to believe that roses smell nice ! Until someone gave me one and it didn't smell as awesome as what I have expected and there's no way I smiled just like in movies.It didn't smell bad though but I have a different scent of how it would be. I even asked for my classmates opinion just to make sure I wasn't being fooled. I was actually a little disappointed haha ! But still was thankful enough to that guy who bothered to give me a rose. I love the smell of the rose now even though sometimes I just find it weird why movies keep on having those scenes. I feel so influenced !!!

3.) Kissing Will Make You Pregnant - As a kid, I've witnessed my aunts and other relatives watched a romance movie but everytime the kissing part came they'd cover my eyes and the next thing I knew, the woman was pregnant, so I grew up believing that if I kiss someone, I would be pregnant! As I aged, I learned that it's not true and I was actually quite disappointed because making babies through a kiss is a little handy
 but it turns out that making babies require sexual interaction between a male and a female not from a simple kiss. So maybe that's why my aunts covered my eyes before because love scene's coming hahaha ! I clearly understand that now but it will still be awesome to have babies from a kiss. I mean no hassle just a kiss and voila ! You're pregnant baby ! I bet everyone will have hundreds of babies by now!

4.) Swallowing Seeds- My cousins always told me that a tree will grow inside my stomach or in my throat if I swallow a seed. I panicked the first time I accidentally swallowed an orange seed. I even cried thinking how I would live my life if I have a tree inside my stomach and that everyone will laugh at me ! Good thing mum told me it was just a joke ! I felt so relieved that time ! But then as for my sweet revenge, I'm gonna pass it down to the younger generation and scare the hell out of them !
Yes, Imma do that because I'm a good girl *evil laugh*

5.) Moon Is A Follower- Whenever we're in a cab on our way home from my grandma's house, I always looked at the moon because it follows us. No matter how many turns we took, many streets we passed, it's always there. It somehow gives off the feeling of security. The moon is a very comforting sight especially when we're driving along the lonely road, it is nostalgic, quiet, sad but peaceful at the same time. Up until now, I still do believe that moon is a follower. No matter how old I get, that'll never change ! 

6.) Superpowers- Am I the only one here who thought to possessed superpowers ? It's kinda crazy how I used to believe in that! Those sci-fi movies were to blame ! Playing with my cousins and friends, I used to think that I have the power of telekinesis lol ! (it's true!) I would be like staring on a random object and murmured some unknown language(made up words!) of course it's not effective but in my oh so young days, I really thought I have it and just lacks in practice.  Yeaaaahh, I'm just creative like that haha ! But maybe, I really do have !! :D

7.) Human Hearts- If it wasn't for my 5th grade teacher in Science, I would really thought that human heart is really shaped like this heart  literally ! I've seen a lot of heart shaped everywhere when I was a kid so I believed that it's the true shape of a human's heart. And yeaahh also disappointed when I found out about it's true form kekeke ~ xD I feel so betrayed ! lol because they seriously look cute if they have that kind of shape not the shape of human fist 

Looking back and seeing things way different than today, I realize how happy those days were ! I wish those beliefs are just true haha ! except for the swallowing seeds that'd be dangerous xD I miss my childhood so much but this is life, everyone will grow old and die, it sucks whenever that phrase occurred in my mind. 

When I was a child, I was dying to become a teenager or an adult already because I want to experience and learn more things and now that I'm 19, not too old yet no too young anymore, I've already experience a lot of things and learned that growing up is not really that exciting, I hate it because no matter what you do, you can't stop aging. 

So I hope you're with me on this list ! Did you guys have the same beliefs ? :)



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