What's wrong with me ?
These days, I have not been feeling fine. I'm gradually draining, every bit of me. I get temperamental easily. I keep on losing my cool over petty reasons. I'm not as motivated as I was before when I first started my job. I used to be happy and passionate towards it. I'm just burn out. 
Every day seems repetitive like I do not look forward to anything at all. 
I drag myself to work and the only thing that sparks a little excitement inside me is the weekend. Coz it's when I can stay away from work and not stress about it.

I just snapped! 
One day, I felt like they were giving me a handful, it's unmanageable. If you do good, they will give you more workload. 
I became opinionated and I was complaining, cursing under my breath, telling myself, was I the only employee yall got ?
Why does it always have to be me ?
Tell you, I do have my bad days at work but this one is totally different!

Not a top performer at my job but I was aiming for a perfect attendance and zero quality errors for this year. However, for some odd reason, I got so tired of work and had lose all my motivation. The once optimistic employee started to be a lazy one. I got late multiple times. I sleep even at my table. My colleagues had been asking me what's wrong but how could I explain when I, myself had no idea? I struggled with focusing and getting my work done properly. It was a challenge going to the office and pretend you do not feel exhausted. 

As of writing, I still feel like it. This is a first time that something like this had happened to me. It's real guys, it could creep on you anytime. I ain't negatron but this still hit me. Hard. 
And I finally understand how some are just demotivated out of the blue. Coz they are burn out.  

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