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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Disaster Summer

I just had the most unforgettable and amazing summer because I didn't go to any beach, I have to go back to school from time to time to fix some school matters, I dyed my hair back to black because my school required it so they could sign my clearance, I'm broke and I stopped my workout,  Told ya my summer was a blast !

Talk about irony.

Well hello there friends and families ! Today's blog is all about my vacation slash summer frustrations. 

One out of the few things that I enjoyed this summer was my mini reunion with my 4th yr high school classmates, it's held at my bestfriend's house and I just have to say that they look different right now, I've seen a lot of changes (in a positive way) the girls were all blooming and the guys were dashing!It's so rare for us to gather like this so we made the most out of it. Everyone's busy talking, never a dull moment occured because all of them has a story to tell. It's nice to see them all grown up and I honestly felt like a smurf because they're all taller than me now. Why didn't I grow even an inch ? Soo unfair ! 

On the first week of April, I did a single crunch and I'm like "where's my summer body?!!" lol kidding!I started jogging and working out. I motivated myself to get fit because it's part of my vacation plans. So far, so good ! I'm actually doing well, even though I always struggle to pull myself together every morning to jog and to follow my workout routine, I'm still able to get it done day by day. Been doing it for a month and I'm getting better at it and can slowly feel the result, until I went to school to fix my clearance.

 That thing triggered me to stop from my workout because I'm always at school every freaking day, I wasn't able to jog because I have to be early and too tired to do my workout too.

So April went by so fast, May came and I was dying to make it more exciting and fun than the last month. But here's my problem: Having a hard time getting back on track with my workout routine. I'm so stress and I don't feel good about it, my mind was set to jog but my body just can't cooperate. My mind was like "go jog go jog ! Get back in track" but my body's like "nah ! Go back to sleep" WTF!!I've experienced that for days and I'm drastically losing my motivation. So after a couple of tries, I gave up. I'm no quitter but I guess, I'll have to pass this time haha ! 

In the second week of May, we celebrated Mother's Day with the whole fam! It's been years since we last bonded like this because my parents are busy as well as my sister so having this little gathering makes me happy 

I'm clearly dying to go out and meet my good old friends and have a little catch up or go dating or go to beach but because it's vacation and I don't have a single penny I can't do it
it's one of my summer stresses because obviously, vacation means no classes and no classes means no allowance and all hell will loose if my mum came barging into my room and say "hey sweetie, take this money and go out with your friends". Said no mum ever. That would be really impossible ! The fact that I have all the time in the world to do everything that I want and yet just because of that freaking money, all of my summer plans  were all cancelled. Everyone on facebook is like "off to *this beach*", "off to *this province*" and here I'm like "off to the bathroom", "off to my room" srsly ! I wish I could go out and have fun like them -_-  I should've saved money for it I'm so broke right now and it's nothing new because it's always been like that every summer fml.