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Masasa Beach Experience + Anniversary Trip

Oh hi there ! Look at me trying to be active on my blog (which is a good thing!)

Me, together with my man and my sister headed off to Masasa Beach to have our quick escapade from the city life. oh and I know you guys don't care hahaha but we're actually there to celebrate my man and I's first anniversary fyi #cheesy and yeah my sister thirdwheeled on us! Loveyou Sissy! ♥ We've been dreading to go to a beach that is budget friendly and somewhere that is not overly crowded. Upon Bryan's researched, a lot of peeps recommended Masasa Beach located in Batangas. Budgeting for almost Php1,000 only in exchange for a breathtakingly beautiful paradise, now who wouldn't want that right ? (I'll breakdown our expenses below for your reference)

Our actual anniversary date is October 30 (a not so convenient date to travel/celebrate coz of the "undas"/holiday season)  thanks babe btw -_- with so many people wanting to go home to their late loved ones, I dated it a da…

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