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Who's BlueberryStar?


Hey guys! I'm Grace Lacra, 22 years old from Manila and I'm the girl behind Blueberry Star. 
This is my public journal ladies and gents. 

I took Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship at Universidad de Manila, graduated last April 2015 and currently focusing on this blog.The Blueberry Star is the fruit of my inspiration from the founder of Kawaii Ph, Kaila Ocampo. Her positivity and eagerness to achieve her dreams fueled my dying motivation. I started this personal blog last January 2014 as a part of my new year's resolution with the intent to reach out and express myself. I have a strong affection with everything that involves Japan, being kawaii or otaku in general. Going there has always been my ultimate dream. 


I love sharing my not so interesting life and the places I've been to.

I love talking about the things that inspires me.

I love voicing out my thoughts.

This blog is mainly for self improvement. I want to see myself grow in this blogging industry and track my own improvements by simply documenting my life.

What to expect?

Kawaii Stuffs = Anything that relates about being cute (places/supporting Kawaii PH)

Thoughts = Personal emotions and thoughts expressed
Movie Reviews = About the movies I've watched
Monthly Entry = Summary of my life per month
Places = Random places that I've been to
Music = Current jams

Hope you will enjoy reading my blog !




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