6 Reasons To Watch "A Love So Beautiful"

If you're my facebook friend, you'd know how flooded my timeline is from all the ALSB posts and since I can't still shut myself down after finishing the series I decided to make a post for it. It's my first time watching a Chinese Drama and I'm so glad I did. Didn't disappoint !

"A Love So Beautiful" is a Chinese web series based on the novel "To Our Pure Little Beauty" by Zhao Gangan. The story is highschool romance about the one-sided love of Chen Xiao Xi(Shen Yue) to Jiang Chen(Hu Yi Tian). If you have seen the Taiwanese drama "It Started With A Kiss", the story is a bit similar but I'll be explaining it to you why you should still watch it before you judge.


1.) It Will Give You Some Major Highschool Throwback.
We've all been there, where everything was so cute, simple and innocent. You go eat lunch on the school canteen with your circle of friends, failing or pulling an all nighter during exams. Running on the hallways, being chased by a guard, getting scold at by your teacher, and even embarrassing yourself in front of the class. Those were the days where your only problem is how to pass your exams and graduate. No adulting responsibilities like the ones we all have now ;__;

2.) Reminds You Of Your Highschool Crush
We all had our crushes back then. I personally relate to Xiao Xi since I used to like a guy before. Watching the drama made me remember all those high school memories I've had with him. Even just seeing him pass by our class room was enough to make the butterflies in my stomach go wild. Don't you remember just talking to that person makes your day special? You steal glances when you have the chance, your friends tease you when he/she is around and lastly, you seem to love going to school a little more.  

3.) Reflects Real Life Events
The story does not evolve only to high school romance, it also shows real life scenarios like failing your exams, denying admission for college, that time when Xiao Xi thought her Dad is cheating on her Mom. When Jiang Chen's mom is forcing him to get to a school that he doesn't like. Wu Bo Song's Dad treating him only as a trainee not a son and lastly, Li Wei's struggle for depression. It's not all about the "kilig'', this series portrayed some of the major problems youths of today face. 

4.) Jing Xiao and Lu Yang's Love Story
Our second lead couple's story is what we actually want to happen to Jiang Chen and Xiao Xi. You guys, their love story is gold ! I cried it's just too sincere and sweet. Give the fact that it also started as a one-sided love. Ugh I really wanna spill everything !! But I'll leave it for you to watch !

5.) Wu Bo Song's Unconditional Love for Xiao Xi
If I were to award him, it would be the "Most Effort Award" coz really, he literally did everything for Xiao Xi. G na G talaga siya ! Second Lead Syndrome!
I'm Jiang Chen bias, but his sincerity and affection towards Xiao Xi made my heart shookedth to death! He was there for her when Jiang Chen was not.
Can I keep this guy in my pocket for me to keep ?

6.) Jiang Chen and Xiao Xi's Kilig Moments
I just love how their characters improved as the series progressed especially Jiang Chen's. Honestly, they don't even need to go all out to make the viewers go wild, little sweet gestures is enough to make us go gaga !
That's how their chemistry works ! ♥
Their story maybe cliche but wait until you see it for yourself. 
I swear you would love it too!

I'll probably do another post about ALSB coz I'm that addicted!
Obvious bang di pa din ako nakaka move on ?
Nuod ka na din kase mumsh!

See you on my next entry !



  1. Reading your blog about them makes me more curious to the point that I'm planning to watch them later. Thanx for the insight. Idol ko po kayo Ms. Grace. I'm a fan. Pa fansign naman po.

    1. so ano napanood mo na ba ? HAHAHAHA idol ka dyan !!

  2. Currently watching this drama 😇


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