Baguio Trip on Holy Week 2018 + Day 1

One item ticked off my bucket list: BAGUIO

The City of Pines !

Since this will be a long post, I will be dividing this into two parts. 
This one will be about our Day 1 summary. The part 2 will be our complete itinerary and expenses. :)

So I just got home from our one heck of a crazy, memorable and biglaang Holy Week trip to Baguio with Bryan and two of my team mates, Charm and Mina. 

First thing's first, we had no idea we can skip work on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday so we were planning this trip late. It was I and Bryan's idea to go to Baguio after our shift. I haven't packed my clothes and the only stuff I have in my bag were just my work necessities. No change of clothes, no toiletries, not even an extra underwear lol. But I took the challenge. It's not every day you get to take a 4 day break from work ! Feeling all hype, I invited my team mates one by one and I got two of them to come, Mina and Charm who were too excited for the adventure!

Came the end of the shift, we dropped by 7/11 to buy our biglaang trip starter packs and had breakfast before we headed on our way to Victory Liner Pasay.
We were all taken a back when the long lines welcomed us there. We talked to this couple who were last ones on the line we were in. They told us the line in Cubao wasn't as overcrowded as it was here in Pasay so we all agreed to take a cab to Cubao. #instantfriendship!! So the six of us were now a team :)
Cubao, however was also a blockbuster terminal and it is to be expected since it's Holy Week. 

I asked Camelle, the girl we met at the terminal if the transient they're gonna stay at still have some available rooms for the 4 us. I talked to her host and paid through Paymaya the reservation fee worth Php1,200. Little did we know we were scammed !! (I'm gonna make a separate post about this, don't wanna spoil the fun!). It was already 10am and we're still on the line. That's where Bryan contacted the Grab page and asked for a van rental. It only took a minute before he was bombarded with messages from different drivers. There were only 6 of us and we need to complete the 10pax offer to lessen our fee. Good thing, Charm was so in for the challenge, she approached the other passengers one by one and asked them to join us in the van. Didn't took too long to complete the four remaining slots! Naysuuu Charm !!

The van arrived around 11am and off we went to Baguio!
So nice to meet new people on the way :) We paid Php850/pax.
It was so traffic and I got so nervous while we're driving along Kennon Road. 
After what feels like forever and a 7 hour travel time we reached Baguio at 6pm!

All haggard lol

The very first thing I tried was the Strawberry Taho ♥

So we waited for our host to fetch us at the Terminal like what they've said but after two hours of waiting it was a no show. We reported the incident to the police station and while we were at it. Bryan walked around the neighborhood looking for a nearby transient and he did find one !!!

We checked in at Sta. Theresa Inn the staffs were so accommodating and they let us in despite no reservation whatsoever. Since we got there at night we all agreed to extend our stay for 3d2n. Finally we get to rest!

This is how our room looks like for 4 persons.

Messy table I know hahahaha!

It was 10pm when we went out to have dinner at Good Taste!

And drop by night market to shop for ukay ukay coz obviously we have no spare clothes lolol 
Everything is so cheap thereeee !! You can buy decent clothes at Php20!!
Walking out at night with the cold breeze brushing onto your skin. Auq na umuwe mars! TTuTT We got home at around 1 am and called it a night.

Still wearing the same clothes we had for work ftw!


You really have to make the heater your best friend!
thank God, our inn's heater is working. 
It was freezing cold, the water can kill meeee!

Kick started our day with a breakfast from 50's Diner♥
I've always been fond of diners, trust me I was internally screaming all throughout. It was my first time seeing a 50's diner and gawd I'm so in love *Q* From the screaming bright neon lights, interior, and even the  choice of music they played. Everything is perfect. 

Will totally make a separate post for this Diner ! ♥

Headed straight to Mines View Park. 
The amount of people can make you dizzy. Wala eh ginusto namin to hahahaha!
Photo ops like the tourist we are!!

So hard to have a spot in the sea of tourists!!

Next Stop: The Good Shepherd 
Planned to buy pasalubong there but the line was just so long!
So we bought ice cream instead xD

Ube Taho ♥
Oh the things you don't get to try in Manila.

Dropped by The Mansion and Wright Park

Charm and Mina being a photographer for this couple lololol! 
Supportive niyo mga mars!

Ako naman hahaha #pagbigyan

We didn't go around The Botanical Garden much 

so we took a cab to get to Burnham Park.

We tried riding a boat for Php100 for 30minutes. 

Also, Go Karts which is Php100 for an hour. 

Last stop was SM Baguio where we had our late lunch. 
SM Baguio is known for being an open area which means they don't have an air conditioning system set up. The cold breeze is already enough and is at par to an actual air-con.

Feeling like our feet would fall off from all the walking we did, we went home at around 3pm and spent the the whole afternoon sleeping lol I know right?
hahahahaha we're just so tired!

We woke up in the middle of the night feeling hungry. It was raining too!
The weather was much colder now and we're all starvinggggg
 We're considering going back to 50's Diner (which I'm in favor since it's open 24 hours) but when I checked their operating hours on google, it's closed due to Good Friday.
So we all agreed to have some midnight walk to find food lol and the first thing we noticed was the 24 Hour Samgyupsal Restaurant just across our building. WTF. 
Without a doubt, we went in!!

They even have Hanbok that you can try on !
To top that we had the place all to ourselves. 

Samgyupsal is lifeeeee !
I ordered Chajjangmyeon too ♥

and before we leave, I bought ice cream!!
There was a light drizzle when we wen outside. 

I was talking to Bryan when Mina shouted, "Ate Grace, magsalita ka", 
Confused I kept on talking and that's when we all realized it was super cold we can "see our breath" !! The ones we only see in Korean Dramas ugghhh!!
We were all laughing like the child in us xD We spend a good couple of minutes just admiring and breathing funnily to see the steam coming out of our mouths when we talk!! Yoko na talaga umalis don :( That's my first time experiencing that ;__; And God knows when will be the next one. 

Day 1 is done !!

I still have a lot of stories to tell but I will be leaving that to Part 2. 
The full story of our scam, our itinerary and total expenses.



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