Baguio on a Holy Week + Itinerary + Expenses

We're on the last leg of this Baguio Trip!
If you haven't read the first part, click here.
This will be the second and the last day before we head back to Manila.
And for your reference, I'll be leaving our total expenses and itinerary from this trip. Also I'm gonna be sharing you how we got scammed. Stay tune at the end of this blog. 

So for our second day, we dropped by the market to buy pasalubongs. Supposedly, it should be from The Good Shepherd but the line there was so long! :(

It's a pasalubong haven for every tourist like us!
You can see so many products starting from the famous strawberry jam, ube jam to chocolate flakes, peanut brittle. They also have souvenirs like wallets, keychains and bags! So many varieties to choose from.

We all shopped til we drop lol kidding !!
lampera te nascam nga kami eh ;___; sayang :(

So after buying some stuff, we ate at this local karinderya just a few steps away from the stalls. the food there is good guys I swear!! Some of my friends even bought take outs! It was that delicious *Q*

Feeling all full, we drove to the terminal around 8:30 am. Our bus ticket is scheduled at 10:40 am but since there's not much passengers on the waiting bus, they asked us to hopped in. 

So here it is. 
We're leaving Baguio :( 
Gonna miss the cold weather so much ;___;
It was fun while it lasted.

I mentioned that I'll be telling you guys on how we got scammed.
So just to raise awareness, I'll be sharing this story. 
From the Cubao Terminal, I asked Camelle (our new friend that we met at the Pasay Terminal) if they already got a transient at Baguio to stay at and she said yes. Feeling the urge to have a smooth trip, I asked her if she can chat her host and ask if there were still available rooms for us. I got in contact with her host and asked her if we can pay the full amount once we get there since we don't have any means for the payment method ( since we're already lining up for the bus) but she was insisting that we pay for the reservation fee of half the total price of the room. Since there were four of us in the room, she charged us Php1,200/night and we told her we're gonna stay there for 2 night so she doubled the price at Php2,400. She even sent me a photo of the room. I was in no way of doubting her. She sounded very convincing. We asked if there will be some toiletries and towels and she replied yes (and we believed her ;__;) Now back to the story, she's insisting that we pay the reservation fee so she can reserve the room for us and inform the "receptionist" of our names.
Since it's holy week, we're already expecting the amount of tourists going there as well so just to be safe we went ahead with it. Little did we know, that's the start of us being scammed. She told me to pay the reservation fee through Paymaya and she even knew there were 7/11 nearby. I did pay the half and sent her the details. We were all excited that time !
We never thought about being scammed at all. She even told us to inform her once we reached Baguio so "her van"can fetch us. While on our way, she asked what ulam do we want and she gave out options wtfff and we were all happy lolol coz it's free ! 

So after 7hour-ish hours, we reached our destination and we informed her.
She told us the van will be late coz her "manang" was "baking cupcakes"for us so okay, we were all chill still. After about like 30 minutes, she instructed us to go to the other Victory Liner Terminal near the Police Station and 7/11. We headed on our way and spent another good one hour. Our friend, Camelle was calling her and the "host"said they'll be picking us up with a gray Innova, but none came. It was a solid 2 hours of waiting time, they found out we were scammed coz the supposedly "host"was asking us to pay the full amount before they can fetch us. That's the time we started doubting. Also the reason she instructed us to switch the pick up location coz there was a smart padala nearby and she kept on telling us to pay the full amount. 

We were all dumbfounded, of course. We never thought about it. 
It was cold and all we wanted was to have a place to stay for the night. 
Since there's a nearby Police Station, we reported the incident, shown them the conversations and hands down to them for being so quick and accommodating. They transferred us to another station to file a complaint and we were told that there was no "Tina's Transient"registered on their list. I feel bad but I didn't want it to spoil our trip. Everyone, even though feeling betrayed just kind of brush it off. We all just wanted to rest after everything that we've been through.
Accepting the faith it is lol.
While we're on the station, Bryan roamed outside to find a transient and he did found one. After filing a complaint, we left the Police Station and headed to the where Bryan was. There, we were able to get rooms to spend the night.

Lesson Learned. 
When I found out we were scammed, that's when I realize a lot of loopholes that I have missed. First, I didn't even checked if the host have a legit facebook page nor check if the reviews were true. Also, didn't check her own profile. I was too jolly to go with the flow that I have forgotten to double check the important stuff :( I do feel guilty since I was the one who contacted her myself ;___; Sorry my dear chinguyaaa ! (-A-)
Di na ako magbibida bida sornaaa pramis.

But kidding aside, our trip wouldn't be the way it is if it wasn't for that incident.
Coz hey we made new friends who will now share the same memory that we have about Baguio. Being scammed is not something to be happy about of course. It just made me realize to always be mindful of who you trust. Don't give in easily to a stranger especially if it involves money. Things can get worst. I mean what if that's the only money that we have on our pockets ?
Outcomes can still be different, that's why we were still thankful we have extra money and found a transient nearby. I grew closer to the people with me on that trip and the bond that we shared will never be forgotten. 
Team Scam all the way loll !!

This was our itinerary.

March 29 - Maundy Thursday
11:30 pm - Departure from Cubao Terminal to Baguio
06:30 pm - Reached Baguio 
08:00 pm - Waiting time for the transient house to pick us up little did we know naiscam na pala kami lol
09:00 pm - Got into our new transient house
10:00 pm - 01:00 am - Had our dinner at Good Taste and shopped at Night Market.

March 30 - Good Friday
07:30 am - Breakfast at 50's Diner
09:00 am - Mines View Park
10:00 am - The Good Shepherd
10:30 am - The Mansion
11:45 am - The Botanical Garden
12:30 pm - Burnham Park
03:00 pm - SM Baguio

March 31 - Black Saturday
07:30 am - Baguio Market
08:30 am - Bus departure to Manila

As what I have told you, I will also be sharing my expenses during this trip.
This trip however, wasn't that cheap compare to the others that I have seen on blogs or on facebook.

Php850.00 - Fare from Cubao Terminal to Baguio via rented van
Php300.00 - Scammed lol still must include xD
Php875.00 - Accommodation for 2 Nights
Php500.00 - Night Market shopping expenses 
Php200.00 - Dinner at Good Taste
Php300.00 - Breakfast at 50's Diner
Php200.00 - Total Taxi fare for two days stay 
Php100.00 - Go Karts Rent for 1 hour at Burnham Park
Php100.00 - Boat Rent for 30 minutes at Burnham Park
Php200.00 - Lunch at SM Baguio
Php400.00 - Dinner at 24 Hrs Korean Samgyupsal
Php500.00 - Pasalubong expenses at Baguio Market
Php445.00 - Fare back to Manila via bus

TOTAL EXPENSE: Php4,970.00

You can have a cheaper expense compare to what I have spent since we all have different taste and flow of trip. 

Anyways, sorry if my second part took long to published !
I'll be publishing my another late entry for March. So stay tuned :)



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