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Baguio For The 3rd Time + Sky Ranch!

Baguio, for some weird reason, captured my heart. There's something mesmerizing about it that makes me go back over and over again. Maybe it's the cold and foggy weather? The pine trees? The small town image that I have always pictured in my head? Who knows!  I recently had a dream of me living alone in this city. Staring blankly at the ethereal forest from the huge glass window in the apartment that I was renting, I was in awe. There, I saw myself switching to a new career, blending in with the crowd, buying veggies from the market, and even cooking for myself!  I REPEAT COOKING FOR MYSELF !!! Enough of the pep talk.  Here comes the trip! We reached Baguio around 10pm and the only thing we want that time was a good night's rest. I could barely feel my butt from all the sitting that we did lol. The next morning, I, of course, encouraged them to try the 50s Diner for our breaky!  And just like the tourist that we were, we visited some famous

Staycation at Crosswinds Tagaytay

Wow can't believe I've been slacking this March! 
so Hi ? :)
As you may have seen on my instagram, I recently had a staycation with my friends at Crosswinds Luxury Resort located in Tagaytay.It was only for an overnight trip but we also got to explore some of Tagaytay's famous cafe around the area in which I'm making a separate posts it deserve. I will be dividing this trip into three blog posts so please watch out for the remaining two! 

For today, let's just focus on the staycation itself!

My colleagues and I planned this since last month lol. 
Zap found this unit from Airbnb and we literally fell in love with it!
It gives off a Swiss vibe with cute little houses, pine trees scattered all over the place, the structures and resident's home are designed to match the swiss theme.
Ideal for a quick escape ! We got so excited we booked the unit in a heartbeat. 

Came Saturday morning after clocking out from a night shift job, we went straight to the bus station at Buendia and off we went!
Upon arriving at Tagaytay, we dropped by the market to buy ingredients for our dinner and bought some alcohol coz what's an overnight chill without a booze?
The shuttle from Crosswind's entrance to our tower costs Php50 per head per ride. This would be free of charge if you'll be staying at their hotel. If you guys have a car, it would be easier to go around, they offer free parking !

The first thing you'll see at the entrance is this tiny lighthouse! 

 Outside our building. 

Just a quick background story, when we reached our unit. No one was there. The door was swung open. No hosts showed up lol. I legit thought we got the wrong room but we didn't. It would have been nice if someone or a care taker of the unit welcomed us so we won't feel like we're trespassing or something. 

Anyways, made ourselves comfortable coz commuting can be dead tiring!

The room itself can accommodate all seven of us. they have two queen size beds and two pull out beds. 

The room view is one of my fave !!!

I honestly wish I can have the same view in my room T^T

The kitchen is complete with utensils, pots and pans, a refrigerator, a stove and an oven. 

The bathroom is big and they have hot and cold shower and most importantly, A FUCKING BIDET!! lol

The living room has a huge sofa and a smart tv perfect for streaming Netflix and Youtube. They also have internet but the connection can be weak from time to time because of the location but it's all good!

After what seemed an hour of rest, we decided to go out and have lunch at Cafe Voila which is located at the entrance of the resort. 

Here's a sneak peek of the place, (will include this on my part 2 blog post)

Perhaps one of the most classy and beautiful restaurant that I've ever been,
Every corner is just instagram worthy. 

After having our lunch at Cafe Voila, we decided to skip the shuttle coz we're trying to save some bucks as shuttle fares back and forth can be quite pricey. We walked on our way back and heck we all regretted that decision. It was like a 30 minute walk through an uphill and downhill slopes.. Not to mention we're just guessing our way back in. lol
If it wasn't for the cold night breeze, we would have given up mid way !

Nevertheless, I wouldn't have it in other way. We were able to take photos while exploring the village. The night slowly dawned on us as we continue to rummage our way back to our unit. Despite being exhausted, it was quiet, peaceful and relaxing. 

Some of us took a nap while Zap prepared dinner!
Woke up around 11pm and finally decided to drink some alcohol !
Things were about to get down !
I brought the Drunk Card Game that I purchased online to spice things up!
It did not disappoint. 

I woke up the next morning feeling a little tired for having roughly 4 hours of sleep but the view from our window was so pleasing I don't ever wanna leave !!

 my double chin says hi !!

We heard they also have a swimming pool so that's what we're doing that day; swimming! 
Took another shuttle ride but we changed our minds when we got to the location. It was an open area with tons of kids. 
so no thanks. 

we did not wanna go back empty handed so we roamed around the area and took some photos instead. 

This is paradise ♥

This is the kind of neighborhood I want to have if given a chance. 
It's simply therapeutic !
Can you guys lend me a whooping Php48M ?
(I heard that's the price range of the houses there lol)

We went back to our unit and packed our bags. Sadly, it's time to go :(

Since we haven't had our lunch, we dropped by Dreamland Cafe.
The experience was honestly disappointing and I'll explain further on my following blogs why. ughh.
Here's a photo of a dream catcher instead!

Overall, the experience was surreal!
Staycations is my legit fave kind of trip.
I've been spending the past couple of months just working, this was the perfect getaway that I desperately needed! I do admire their Swiss theme, it really felt like I'm on Switzerland not in Tagaytay. 
The cold breeze, the hills, the pine trees!, who said you have to go to Baguio to experience these? ♥♥♥
It feels so nice to have friends who are down for anything!
Shout out to you guys, I love ya'll ~ ♥

Here's the link to the Airbnb, if you're interested. 

Another one, 
If you do plan on having a staycation here, I will give you some quick tips.
1.) Bring your own food and cook. It will cost you less and you won't have to go out of the resort because....
2.) Shuttle fares are pricey! I think we spent roughly Php1,500+ for all seven of us just going back and forth. So if you are on a budget, I suggest you avoid going out of the village. But on the contrary, if you want to maximize your stay and go out, that's totally fine too !If you have a car, then you are good to go! Remember, shuttle fares are free of charge if you will be staying on their hotel. Or if you're feeling sporty and and an active person, then WALK. 
3.) Don't forget to bring your toiletries with you. I personally have a pouch complete with all my toiletries sitting inside my backpack ready to travel. 
Not every unit/house you will be staying over offers free shampoo, soap etc.
But kudos to the hosts here, it's a complete package!
4.) Take proper care of the place. Remember that at the end of the day, you are just paying for the experience,it's still not your property. 
5.) Avoid making loud noises. You might get a complain from your neighbor next door. Be considerate. You can still have fun without being too loud. 




  1. I missed reading your blogs! this is such a cute place~ :3

    1. Hi Mika !!! Thank you !! Have no idea you're reading my blog !! What a pleasure ♥


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