February 2019

February flew by in just a blink of an eye !!
Can we fast forward the months, I already want to end 2019 lol

So fellas you know the drill! Here is my February journal !

Starting with my impulsive bought "mood ring".
This ring is said to change its color based on your mood, refer to the photo below. 
I'm not really sure if this actually works but every time I talk to someone or about a person, the color actually changes real time!

I had the time to catch up with some of my former team mates over some coffee when I unconsciously started talking about this certain person and lo and behold. The color changed from blue = calm to violet = romantic. 
I might be exaggerating coz seriously I'm not gonna depend my life on this ring but it's fun and it's interesting so I'm going to keep this lol

and whenever I'm working the ring would either turn green = stress, 
or brown = nervous.

So yep. 
excuse my ginger-like fingers. 

Dropped by Lucky Chinatown to celebrate CNY !
I created a separate blog about it. Click Here!

 Another highlight of my February!
I was crowned Ms. Valentine at the office. 
This one was super unexpected! Coz let's be honest, I'm far from being fit for something like this. However, people still voted ? Like how ?
Who paid you guys ? I was surprised~!
Salamat po. 

and I received this chocolate too!
 It was.... well....
Thank you TL Liz hahahaha!!

Found this bouquet on my station on V-Day. 
No cards or anything. Just this beautiful set of flowers sitting nicely on my desk.
Not sure if it's for me and for who lol I couldn't care less. 
Someone must have forgotten this.

the real MVP of our home! 
Dad and I went on a date. Oh the simple joys of life ♥


Got to try North Park too!
I should have tried their noodles instead but Chickiiin is life so I ordered this Soy Sauce Chicken. Never again. 

Taking my "drinking game" to the next level with this card that I bought online!
Took a while to arrive since this was shipped all the way from China. 
We also have re sellers here but they offer it for a much expensive price so I opted on waiting to save some bucks. 

this will be my alas!!!

Ugh, Snack Section has its way of attracting me. T^T

they sell all these matcha goodies at such a reasonable price that I had to hoard them before stocks run out. 


and this Matcha DD from DunkinDonut. Though I suggest they make more of this since this is always unavailable :( It's actually the last one on the tray when we bought it. Sherep pa naman huhuhu!

February was superb. 

If there is one thing I've learned this month, it is to ignore what people say about you. Words cut deep. Sharper than a knife. It's funny that people who know the least about you are the ones who has a lot to say. Quick to judge but slow to correct themselves. Naysayers can't fix themselves by breaking someone else. Or so I thought. 

That's all for now. March is up!
I got some trips coming this month and I can't be more excited!!



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