Chinese New Year 2019

I'm not chinese but I somehow made a tradition to celebrate Chinese New Year every year. Not the grand celebration lol however, I used to welcome it at the actual midnight to watch fireworks but since I work at night, I moved the celebration on the weekend. Dragged my sister along with me !

For the 3rd year of my annual visit here at the Lucky Chinatown Mall, this was the first time I'm visiting at day light and man it's too beautiful !

For Dogs like me, we can try our luck with love this year!!

The "WEALTH" speaks volumes!
It's crazy how I can relate on this on so many levels! 
Guess I should be wiser when it comes to my finances. 

Also made a wish !
I wished for you a more fruitful career growth ♥

Kid me not, if I ever tried this one, I would probably have the whole container filled hahahahaha! It was a good thing I hold back lol

In love how my Haori matches the background~

One of the reasons why I love going here: Foodtrip !

Too many food to choose from !!

Filed under: image that you can feel your allergy lol

Treated myself Matcha Frozen Cheesecake for Php170♥

Planned to eat at a Chinese Restaurant but it's all jam packed so we sorted to jap food instead. Still a yay for me hahaha!

Posting this one despite me looking awkward because this is legit the closest I can be with cherry blossoms T^T Japan is nowhere near my reach and ugghh a girl can only dream ~

The grocery store inside the Lucky Chinatown Mall offers countless shelves of Japanese goods and my kokoroooooo went nuts !!
 Went here for the CNY but hoarded japanese stuff
Bought matcha waffers yaaaay !now this girl can finally go home. 

but not after buying another treat lol

Thank you for tagging along sissy !! I will without a doubt go back next year  ! 

Kung Hei Fat Choi ♥



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