Why People Should Watch Sex Education

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I bet you are all familiar with Netflix's Sex Education and while this is a comedy-drama series, they actually tackle legit sex problems that some of us may or may not have experienced at one point.
Let's all be honest and mature here.
It's about time people should be knowledgeable when it comes to sex. No matter how awkward this topic can be for some and even for me, we should not be in no way ashamed coz obviously that's how we are made. lol.

Going back, Sex Education can be well all about sex but this 8 episode series can also make you cry and smile. This is about the a 16 yr old virgin named, Otis Milburn who happens to possess his Mother's talent in giving out sex advise but is also a man who's struggling with his own sex problems. (his mom is a sex therapist btw)
Maeve, a smart rebel who discovered Otis' hidden talent befriended him and started a therapy clinic in exchange for money. 

I made this list to encourage you guys, this is worth binge-watching !

1.) The amount of LGBT story.
Finally, society is slowly accepting the LGBT community that they incorporate them into the plot! 
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2.) Eric's glam fashion. 
I mean he invented the word "fab". 
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3.) The struggles of fitting in. 
We all can relate, sometimes school can make you anxious and overwhelming.
You are expected to fit in with this bunch of people you don't actually know. 
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4.) Maeve and Otis love team. 
You must not miss this one! The chemistry from these two is just overflowing!
Two contradicting personalities trying to live a normal life. 
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5.) Bullies. 
Yep, this series also focuses on bullying which is a huge part of every teenager's life. 
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6.) Otis' cool mom. 
Maybe having a sexual therapist mom is actually good on the brighter side. 
All the reproductive organs framed in every corner of your house is pretty normal lol. Otis is not a fan of it. 
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7.) Otis and Eric's friendship. 
We all fight with our best friends at some certain point and this show is a perfect portrayal of what real friendship is supposed to be like. 
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8.) Asa Butterfield's gorgeous eyes. 
Ugh. Need I say more ?
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9.) The casting !!
I love how diverse the casting is! It's perfect!
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10.) Sex Advice.
You come and watch the show, you get what you want to know lol. 
I'm not one to talk but this show lives to their title. 
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Well, I hope I didn't spoil you. Trust me I tried to keep this as decent and as normal as possible! The reason why I made this list is because I want people to know what they are actually missing out on. On the contrary, the show must be about sex but this is also what today's generation is having some difficulties with. Teenagers nowadays can be aggressive and liberated and I just want to personally remind you guys that you never have to do something you are not ready for. *winks*

Do I make sense? lol 

Season 2 is now in the making by the way!!
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