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Baguio For The 3rd Time + Sky Ranch!

Baguio, for some weird reason, captured my heart. There's something mesmerizing about it that makes me go back over and over again. Maybe it's the cold and foggy weather? The pine trees? The small town image that I have always pictured in my head? Who knows!  I recently had a dream of me living alone in this city. Staring blankly at the ethereal forest from the huge glass window in the apartment that I was renting, I was in awe. There, I saw myself switching to a new career, blending in with the crowd, buying veggies from the market, and even cooking for myself!  I REPEAT COOKING FOR MYSELF !!! Enough of the pep talk.  Here comes the trip! We reached Baguio around 10pm and the only thing we want that time was a good night's rest. I could barely feel my butt from all the sitting that we did lol. The next morning, I, of course, encouraged them to try the 50s Diner for our breaky!  And just like the tourist that we were, we visited some famous

BITE (Buffet in Time Esplanade) Experience

One random day, me, Bryan and my brother tried BITE (Buffet in Time Esplanade) located at 2nd Flr JT Central Building. This new buffet restaurant is the most talk about in town for its unique offers. You can try their buffet according to your own time even for only 30 minutes! Yes they do and for only Php168.  And it’s pretty much a good deal since they’ll give you enough time to scan all their choices before you can actually start munching!
 You can also try their 40 minutes for Php193
50 minutes for Php218
 1 hour for Php248
  and their unlimited time buffet for Php368!

The food menu has three sections, first is the Asian cuisine where you can find all the Asian and of course some of our most loved Filipino dishes! 

Followed by Western Cuisine that features some of our American faves and other sumptuous dish! 

And lastly, the Dessert Pantry!! The most appealing visuals of all with so many vibrant colors of cupcakes and other desserts! I personally got so excited upon seeing them beautifully arranged!

Here's what our plates looked like throughout our stay.
I can't even remember how many rounds I did and all I could think of was my belly sticking out of my waist. Oh noes.

 The restaurant’s atmosphere was so lively and the staffs were accommodating and will politely assist you if you happen to need anything.

 They even have this cutesy-korean drama inspired love locks set up !

and Justin Bieber is in the house yo!

The three little pigs ♥

The overall experience was so overwhelming! Definitely not gonna be the last.
Thank you BITE for the awesome buffet experience! I highly recommend them !

 For those interested in dropping by here's their address:
1686. Fugoso St. Cor Felix Huertas St. Sta. Cruz. Manila
2nd floor at JT CENTRALE MALL

Nearest Landmark: Fabella Hospital and Mercury drug

Operation Hours are:
Lunch: 11am- 2pm
Dinner: 6pm-10pm

So there ya go guys :)




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