October 2017

Whatchududer guys ! 
I'm back ♥

and today I'm gonna talk about how my October went. 
Again, if this is your first time here in my page. Hi there :)
I know it's a little confusing but here in my blog I write my most personal thoughts and tell my stories (not that anyone cares) but blogging became my hobby way back 2014. Since I don't have a specific genre, I just blog about everything I can think of; but to a more personal aspect.
So to those who wanna be my friend, this is the best way to get to know me.

Nevertheless, WELCOME ! hope you enjoy knowing more about me hahaha!

October is my Dad's birthmonth. and it wasn't too long ago since we started accepting and adjusting to our new lives. It was hard. This was his first birthday without Mom :( and I know how difficult it is to pretend you're cool about it when you're not. My sister and I made sure he'd feel appreciated and that we're all here for him on his special day. We gathered at the living room and welcomed his day at midnight of 10th. Not with a grand celebration, Dad wouldn't want it either. We settled with a mini party with just us the family members and the boyfriends were there too :)
and for the first time in a long time, I saw him smile. The kind of smile that melted my heart. ♥ :'')

 I love you Daddy and I know you won't get to read this but I want you to know how much I owe you my strength and my braveness to keep on living, to strive for the better. Thank you for working hard, for trying to fill in mom's position. 
No need Papa. This time, we'll be the one to take care of you and spoil you.
All you have to do is breathe and live longer and we will be fine :)

on the second week, Edz and I tried Frankie's New York Buffalo Wings. 
Now I understand the commotion, everytime I passed by the store, it's always jam packed and crowded. I fell in love ughhh here's why:
One, fried chicken is my fave fried food.
Second, it's the New York vibe all over the restaurant ;__; that alone gives me life. 

We got Frankie's Classic Buffalo Wings and Fries :)
 my food buddy ♥

Come third week, my college friend Aya and I went to our alma mater in hopes of getting our diploma but jokes on us coz ho ho ho what do you expect from a public school with a crappy management. Wasted our time so we used up the remaining hours hanging out. 

Another frenny time with my good old friend, Vien!
We had lunch at Army Navy together before going back to our respective workplaces T^T why adulting is so difficult ? ;___;

and *ehem* look what do we have here.

I made some mojos and don't talk to me coz my cooking skills straight up leveled up to the max!!! KIDDING I STILL SUCK. 
But your girl here trying to cook and stuff !
You know I don't usually share my secret recipes coz I worked hard for it but I'm gonna share you how I made these awesome sauce potatoes form zero to here overnight!
I saw a post on facebook hahahahahhaha! 
and that inspired me to make one since it only has three ingredients.
a chicken breading mix, egg and of course potatoes !

Cut the potatoes into thin slices, 
Dip it in the egg, put it in the breading mix and BAM!

Well I really am talented, aren't I? I should make this blog a cooking blog since I'm now a pro! lol

hope you're still there reading. 

go on, keep on reading...

but I'll leave these gorgeous, sexy mojos (again lol) that you're chef made. *winks*

So after our Masasa Beach Trip, the trio once again headed for yet another adventure, 
this time we went to Diamond Hotel for a quick pampering day. 

Unaware that Ms. Earth 2017 contestants were there at the lobby. I got to see some of em' that day I was too shy to ask for a photograph hahahaha!

the Jacuzzi was so relaxing uggh
we had it all to ourselves!!

Awkward tan lines were still red fresh from the beach and now a pool. 

Pizza to end a perfect night 

Thank you Sir Alain for having us over :)) 



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