Annoying Types of Customers

If you have ever worked/or still working in a retail store or a fast food chain, you will understand me. I made this blog to remind some fuxking people out there to not do these things, (just in case). Working in a retail store can be so tiring and I can totally go on a long ass rant about how many times I've encountered ruthless clients. 

So without further ado, 
here I've listed some of the annoying types of customers that makes me want to punch them in the face- with a chair.

1.) The Refund King/Queen.
Here we have the first set of drama queens, oh okay I see you bought this item here in our store 2 weeks ago but you realized you want another model ?
Are you fuxking kidding me ? Uhm, no sir and ma'am, it was clear in our receipt that we only have seven days replacement for your unit and nope that doesn't include your sudden change of mind. I don't care if you are pms-ing when you bought that unit, but you need to tell your hormones to chill the eff down. 
No refund is happening. 

2.) The Forgetful Devils.
Second, are the type of clients who would bring their units for a warranty service and would channel their inner devils when the warranty is void.
First of all, upon purchasing, our sales representative made it clear to you about the scope of the warranty and that doesn't include physical damage and other customer inflicted damages so for you mother fuxkers just a heads up. 
Upon checking of our technicians, they already know if something is up.
If you spilled any liquid in your laptop, or if you accidentally dropped the laptop itself, they would know. But goodness gracious you happen to have amnesia when asked if something really happened, you can go denying it to death darling but the truth will come out so stop nagging like a child and causing a scene coz that wouldn't work. But you know what we do ? We still have them repaired anyway, coz that's what the kind of sad world we live in. We give chances for shitty people like you. 

3.) The Doubtful Aunties.
5 minutes into transaction and the customer already wants her credit card back. Uhm, hi ma'am you're not buying from a grocery store so chill the f okay?
And no, who cares about your card? We're not interested in scamming or even using your card for fuxks sake. Besides, we have whole another set of clients to transact with so not everything is gonna be about you. Geez. 

and when the card transaction declined..

4.) The Causing a Scene Type.
As for the word itself, yes having clients who really wants some attention is quite normal for us. Relating to my the Forgetful Devils, they are the type of people who would shout and will likely cause some scene at the store. You know just because you bought something from us doesn't mean our dignity is for you to wreck as well. I understand your "customer's rights" but damn that attitude. Now these are the kind of animals people that will put your patience to test. 
They will say every degrading words they can think of and will totally put you in the edge. 

5.) The Late Ones
Not talking about the actual late ones *knock on wood* but here we have the type of customers who would enter your store 10 minutes before closing time.

 Now you have to extend another 45 minutes to your time for doing reports, because some inconsiderate mother fuxkers cannot wait until tomorrow and decided it would a nice idea to buy a gadget at a super duper late mall hours. 
Thank you Sir/Ma'am, now I gotta go home later than 12mn. 

So that's it guys!
There's a lot more to that but that's all I could think of right now.
It's really a crazy job to deal with those types of people.
But it's just a reminder that we are all different in our own way but I prefer you guys to be a little more humane in treating us. Then there would be world peace. ♥
I thank you.

I'm out bitcheeees.



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