September 2017

Holy guacamole who's got a think face to publish a monthly blog after one another ? Am I being so lazy na ba talaga ? I used to blog more often even before I bought my laptop but what happened ? -_- Kashumadan.

So hey hey hey, this is Grace blogging about my September. 
To anyone who's a newbie here, Hi guys. I blog just about anything that comes to my mind but more of the nonsense department. iykwim kkk.
and if you're still reading at this point despite my dumb introduction, well congrats you made it here mate!

My September started with the newest buffet restaurant in town, BITE (Buffet Esplanade in Time). Which I'm gonna make a separate post about because I'll make a badass review it deserves. 

I had the time to meet up with some of my closest friends, here we have Laida and Bebi whom I haven't seen in ages. 

And on a separate day, I went to my best friend's house, Bill. The most talented guy I've ever met. Would you believe we've been friends for like 7 years-ish!!
And what's my fave thing about us is we doesn't have to necessarily have to stay in contact all the time to maintain our friendship. We can go long idle with each of us and when we meet it's just pure fun and no gap! 

I also had been eating anything Matcha-flavored again, in addition to my Matcha Hunt Series. 

We have here the Matcha Graham Cake that I ordered and met up with the seller. If you're wondering what's the term, yes it's matcha junkie Grace. 

and the next day, I bought Matcha Pockeys and tried another Matcha flavored bubble waffle. ♥

So yay ! Why am I not turning green yet ?

And for a more personal chika that I know u guys don't care lolol
Bryan and I had dinner dinner date at newly opened Allegra's Kitchen branch at SM San Lazaro.

kya pembarya kya.

Oh and I also impulsively bought new lenses :3
 Umay kayo noh ? 

Overall, this is all I got for September so what's the delay Grasya?

again, thank you guys for reading if you've reached this part, I congratulate you for wasting a couple of minutes if your life that you cannot take back in which I sincerely apologize. 

Adios Amigaaaaa!



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