August 2018

I know I'm starting to look like a food blogger with my recent posts all flooded with it but heck I don't care! If you think money is the what makes the world go round then you are wrong. IT IS OBVIOUSLY FOOD. lol

But really all I'm going to blog about my August is mainly food!

Starting with our mini after shift food trip at Staple and Perk Cafe!
The place was so cute and gives off a home-y feeling!
On top of that, it is open 24 hours!! All the more reason to love it. 

Their matcha latte is good too ♥

 and this is a photo of me sucking in and holding my breath coz my flabby belly is everywhere hahaha!

Thank you self for all these treats lol

Roi and I recently discovered this restaurant in Binondo. 
Cafe Mezzanine ♥ 

It's perhaps the best Sunday I've ever had for August!
Salted Egg Shrimp is my new fave !

On a separate week, my workmates went to Kanto Freestyle !
and this pancake platter is heaven sent. 

 August is also my mom's birthday month. 
I had a dream about her days before. It's different from what I used to have. She doesn't usually speak. She would just appear and smile, wave or give me a hug but this time, she talked. I told her how much I love her and for the first time, I heard her voice again she hugged me 
and replied to me, "I love you too Anak". 
I felt a pinch in my heart. Pinch so hard that woke me up. 

Typically, once a person wakes up they often forget the dreams they have. 
I was clueless when I woke up but my eyes were wet. 
Took me a while to remember and I was on the subway going to work when the fragments of my dream started to appear on my head. 
I did everything to hold back my tears but I broke down. 

It's her 2nd birthday after she passed. 2 years. And it's still hasn't sunk in yet. 
We honestly don't know how to move forward but we are getting by.
 Missing her heaps!

and if she's here, she would probably punch me for spending too much on food lol

I love you Mom ♥
I wonder how angels celebrate their birthdays in Heaven ?



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