September 2018

Look who's blogging so late for September. I AM SORRY ! I got so occupied with work and even on weekends, I'd rather tuck myself in and get some mada effin rest !

Anyways, I know my excuse is invalid. Perhaps, I was just slacking off with this blog and for that, again, I'm sorry. 

September was just a so-so month for me. Well aside from it being the start of "ber-month". Which I hardly feel coz we're now mid October and it still feels like we're somewhere May-ish. And yes we're almost done with October and a lot has happened already !


September was sad and happy at the same time. It's actually the first and last team building with my co workers before we got separated into new teams. 

Thank you Zap for cooking this for us ♥
and to everyone who came and joined us, this will never be forgotten!
You guys are the best and will always be my fave team. 

and now you can see this thicc thigh which is completely unnecessary from my post but well o well photo or it never happen lol 

and this is how I de-stress. 

 New found gem !

Ending this photo with a Matcha Parfait from UCC ♥ lol this is actually not mine but my friend's. HAHAHAHAHA !

And just a few days after posting this, will be publishing my October entry as well. See ya on my next blog !!!



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