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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

January 2018

It's me again Grace !
January passed in a blink of an eye, and we're almost half of February.
To those who just come across my website, Hi there ! Hope you'll have a great day ahead, and if you're wondering what is this blog about, kindly navigate my "About Me" section at the upper left corner :) and about this entry, I usually make a quick summarization every month and yes today we are doing a January entry. 

So what went through my January ?
I must say A LOT!
 I finally have had the courage to step out of my comfort zone and do something that my future self will thank me for. 
I'm switching to a new job starting this February. 
It was saddening to leave the people that made my workplace tolerable,but as what they say; grab as much opportunity while you still can. With a motivated mind, I will face this new phase of my life with the skills and learnings that my previous job have equipped me. 

To be honest, I've been planning to leave not because I hate my job but because I don't see myself growing. I have this urge to seek for more. Per se my career growth and also as an individual, I need a job that can help me with my professional career, a much different one from my previous job. I think January is the perfect time to start a fresh ! and l was fortunate enough to got in to a new company. 

Enough with that, I still have some more stories to tell !

Welp, now this Pororo drink was given to me by my co worker who probably saw me drinking this one time. Why am I sharing this ? Coz little things matter to me such as this lolol I know I'm such a softie. 
This was the only Pororo drink out of all the canned carbonated drinks they  bought. AND IT'S FOR ME ;__; THANK YOU HUHUHUHU
GRASYA Y R U SO SOFT ? I should have brought this bottle with me kaso naiwan ko sya on my last day. :(

as if I'm not too emotional already, this was my meal on my last day at work T^T 

I'm a little confused on what to feel. I'm still in the middle of transition from the previous one to this new chapter. It all happened so fast!

I had this japanese meal on one of my company visits. 

and speaking of company, this photo was taken on the day of my final interview.
It was a nerve-wracking moment for me but I was lucky enough to have my man constantly giving me some moral support TTuTT

On the last week of January, a soothing meet up with my friends was just right to end the month. 

my first time trying Thai food ! I must say I loved it ! ♥
Thai Halo Halo for the win !

a quick pampering to end the day!

aaaaaaand that's a wraaaap !
Date check: as of writing this,  February 12, 2018 just two more days before Valentine's Day. 
So I'm greeting everyone in advance, Happy Valentine's Day guys!
Sa mga single dyan, isusurpise ko kayo then bayaran nyo na lang ako after kems. I love you all and thanks for reading up until here. 

Can't wait to start afresh this year ! I didn't sign up for a New Year's resolution coz let's all be honest, no one actually sticks to it -_-

Til my next entry, Bye !


Saturday, January 20, 2018

How We Celebrated Our Birthdays ♥

I've been meaning to publish this entry but your girl here be busy on the first month of 2018 lol

but without further ado, here's what went down on my 23th 19th *winks* birthday last December 20, 2017. Honestly, I'm not the type to invite friends on every time I hit another age. On a typical birthday, I usually just spend it sleeping or just treating myself at the mall nothing out of the norm. But just last year, I realized my 20's should be spent having fun and making memories with the people you love coz let's be real, we're not getting any younger right?

Months prior to my day, I asked my friends and reminded them a couple of times until they're pissed hahahaha ! I set up a mini celebration and invited them over!

Sponsored food coz ya know #brokeass

and things are just getting started!

Thank you Aya for these wines ! this actually made the night a lot better. 

Catching up with my friends is probably my fave part!
Drinking red wine is soooo #adulting GG na ibang level na talaga tayo mga bakla !!

S.Q.U.A.D.  *insert Vien, Ynah and Armin* wish you were there guyss ;___;
Times like this are just too precious and I'd still want to do it again for my next birthdays!! I love you guys and thank you from the bottom of my heart, I sincerely appreciate each and everyone who came to celebrate my day. 

Really anxious inviting these people and just kind of expect them to get comfy with each other, but I really am glad to have these set of friends who would get along in just a few minutes of being in the same room. Thanks Jobs and also to my dear best friend, Bill for coming !! 

Cheers to my 23 years of existence!!

Thanks babe for this cake !! T^T Though you were too sleepy and busy with work, you still managed to celebrate it with me and now that I realized, we don't have a decent photo together :3

As for my man's birthday last December 26, 2017. Unlike the sobrang effort pasabog surprise I initiated way back 2016, this one was a much simpler celebration. In fact, we only had dinner out. It's probably because of, you know just grew out of this teeny tiny couple-y stuffs. I feel like we've grown a lot through a year of being together. 

To my man, who looks like he hasn't sleep in this photo. lol jk
Another year of us being together and in love, hope nothing will change and you know what..
I think I like the idea of us being together somewhere in the future.  

25 and still doing this pose hahahahaha wtf
like what I've said on the gram, these are the three of my most fave things
all in one photo: 

Here's to more birthdays for us December babies ♥♥♥


Wednesday, January 10, 2018

December 2017

Hey guys! 
I finally have the time to sit down and make this blog after a very strenuous Holiday season. 

This will be a long entry so if you're here to waste another good 5 minutes of your time, then just continue reading :)
As what I've said, Christmas is my all time fave holiday, but that doesn't mean I'm free to relax and enjoy it to my heart's content. Coz I'm an adult now and we don't do chill and enjoy huhuhuhu

nevertheless, despite my busy work schedules. MUST.MAKE.TIME.FOR.BABE.
and off we went!

We decided to have dinner at Dohtonbori! 

Tried their Best Seller Hamburg Cheese Steak!
My cheese lover heart *Q*

My first ever Crepe !♥

And just in time for Fireworks Display!

2016 Christmas was the worst Christmas of my life because that's the first holiday without my mom. I feel like I lost my soul somewhere when she left. We didn't even put up our Christmas tree, just a normal, boring day. 
But, I was feeling like I have to do something for 2017 holiday season.
Mom would probably like it too ♥
Slowly, I started preparing, bought some decorations and we set up the tree.
Hoarded at Daiso Japan!!

I've gotten to the point where I don't care if I can't buy anything for myself, as long as the people I love have their gifts. This Christmas, I wanna make the people I love happy. Even just giving small tokens of appreciation, just enough for them to feel loved and tell you, I've never felt this contentment and happiness in my life the moment I handed them out their gifts T^T. 
I wish I can always see their smiles ♥ 
 Never have I ever seen our Christmas Tree this full !!
So pretty I'm in love !

December 7 was my brother's birthday ! We set up a little celebration for our dear bunso ♥ Kapag mayaman na si ate, I'll give you a grand celebration okay ?
For now, this is all I can give you hahaha Lab lab ka namin :)

and uggh it's that time of the month again, that Annual Christmas Party of the company. G na G na naman ang Ate nyo sumayaw. -_- 
A company's Christmas Party is all fun and games until you are forced to participate for a group performance. Wow T^T 
Nevertheless, we both enjoyed the night. 
I tried curling ma hurrr too !


My group won second place for our performance !! Not bad :D

My favorite people ! 

Then Christmas came. 
Thank you to everyone who gave me these ♥

Second Christmas Together ♥
Here's to more Christmas of being together !!

For the random part:

Here are some goodies from Japan! Arigatouu !

I bought some makeups too.
Thank you Ynah for the lippies and for the eyeshadow stick !

Saw this lippie from a Facebook post so I bought myself one !
This is a new shade as I always wear pink or red.I always knew nude colors wasn't for me. AND I'M FUCKING RIGHT.

A couple of days before New Year's Eve, I had a sudden meet up with my friends! Hi Aya and Ynah!

Our time was so short ! Wish we could've stayed and make more chika T^T

and on a separate week, Bryan and I had dinner date. Yay !
I post a lot huhu but I rarely see him T__T 

and that food from Mystic Messenger... 
I didn't get to reach that part coz 2 days into the game when I decided to quit hahaha ain't nobody got time and data in the world for that.
but this is good !!

I'm ending this post with an over exposure photo of meee I know I gotta chill with the filters xD and heyy if you guys have read up until here, here's a cookie!

Really hope my 2018 will be a year full of chances and more open doors for everyone. I wish you guys will have a prosperous New Year !
Own 2018 yáll !!