Who's BlueberryStar?


Hey guys! I'm Grace Lacra, 24 years old from Manila and I'm the girl behind The Blueberry Star. This is my public diary ladies and gents. 

I took Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship at Universidad de Manila and graduated last April 2015 and I'm currently working as a Conference Administrator.
I started this personal blog last January 2014 as a part of my New Year's Resolution with the intent to reach out and express myself. I have a strong affection with everything that involves Japan. Going there has always been my ultimate dream. 

I love sharing my not so interesting life and the places I've been to.

I love talking about the things that inspires me.

I love voicing out my thoughts.

This blog is mainly for self improvement. I want to see myself grow into this industry and track my own improvements by simply documenting my life. 

Happy reading !

Email: xgracelacrax@gmail.com



  1. Hi i am a fan. Hoping you can entertain some of my questions regarding some of your blogs. Anyway, I sent you a message request on IG so i can connect with you. Thanks a lot Ms. Grace


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