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Baguio For The 3rd Time + Sky Ranch!

Baguio, for some weird reason, captured my heart. There's something mesmerizing about it that makes me go back over and over again. Maybe it's the cold and foggy weather? The pine trees? The small town image that I have always pictured in my head? Who knows!  I recently had a dream of me living alone in this city. Staring blankly at the ethereal forest from the huge glass window in the apartment that I was renting, I was in awe. There, I saw myself switching to a new career, blending in with the crowd, buying veggies from the market, and even cooking for myself!  I REPEAT COOKING FOR MYSELF !!! Enough of the pep talk.  Here comes the trip! We reached Baguio around 10pm and the only thing we want that time was a good night's rest. I could barely feel my butt from all the sitting that we did lol. The next morning, I, of course, encouraged them to try the 50s Diner for our breaky!  And just like the tourist that we were, we visited some famous

October 2018

October was a busy month for me, work-wise. It made me preoccupied and it's one of the reasons why I was not able to blog since September. 

Anyways, I will be posting more entries for the following weeks so keep posted. 

Okay so here's how my October went. 

Roi and I went glamping for the first time at The BLOC Campsite located in Cavinti, Laguna. I will make a separate blog post about the whole experience and expenses since this entry is for my October highlights only. 

I hope this photo is enough for now. 
Will probably publish it after this one, so wait for it!

So aside from hustling from work, I was able to squeeze some time off and went to this cafe near my work place. Sweet Flour, to well cure my sweet tooth cravings.

October was also my Daddy's birthday ! :)
Nothing beats a family lunch out. 

And this Matcha flavored ice cream for my Matcha Hunt Series!
So happy matcha is spreading like a virus lol 

Call me busy lol but that is how my October went. 

I'm pretty positive November will be eventful though!! #excited

See you guys on my next blog ~



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