How I Surprised My Man: Sweet Bowl Over Experience

Aside from the "glamping" treat for my man, I also had help from "Sweet Bowl Over" to surprise him on the actual day of our 2nd year anniversary. 

Now if you are wondering what is Sweet Bowl Over, they are the newcomer in the surprise event management and gift delivery industry. 

Stay at the end coz there will be some Q&A with the people behind this gem!

I came across their page on my feed and I already fell in love with the service they offer! The art of surprising someone who means the world to you is just beyond amazing and exciting!! I'm glad that some people thought of this idea and made a business out of it!

So without a doubt, I contacted them thru their Facebook page and got a reply on the same day. They are very accommodating and helpful! I do appreciate their recommendations and they are open to requests !

I was initially booked for the Chocolate Box Surprise, but prior to the actual date of delivery, they sent me a message and offered me their newest surprise box.
And I was so impressed I said yes in a heartbeat! 
The box contains of chocolates, a bottle of wine and coffee drops. 
Credits to SBO

Another back story that made me wowed was when I made a late payment. Because you know "adulting" responsibilities :(
Actually, you have to be paid 2 weeks ahead of your target date, but in my case it's only like a week away when I placed my payment and they still accepted !
T^T  The top notch service didn't stop there! My man and I both work on night shifts but their delivery schedule is only at 6pm. They told me they can do the delivery at 7:30 pm !! Huhuhuhuhu ! I was so happy and relieved!
They are so easy to talk to and they understood my situation very well !

It was indeed a hassle-free transaction from the planning up until the delivery ! I didn't even sweat because they're so flexible and you can tell they love what they do and is passionate about it !

My man had no idea, confused and surprised all at the same time ! I mean that's the goal right ? :D

He loved it ! ♥

Lastly, I got the privilege to ask them a few questions to share here in my blog :)

  • What does Sweet Bowl Over do?
It's simple. We're in the business of spreading the love vibe! 

We believe that everybody deserves a magical moment. That achievements whether big or small are meant to be celebrated.

And while we always want to squeeze in time to celebrate success with our loved ones, SBO understands that we are such a busy society.

We study, we work, we grind and repeat.

Our schedule limits us in preparing something that will sweep our loved ones off their feet.

And that's where SBO enters.

We're here to help you organize a unique and unforgettable sweet surprise for your loved ones.

We're not stiff. We listen.

We treat every event as our own. We share the excitement of our clients, we edit photos like how we edit our own shots, how we'd like it to look on Instagram. And we decorate the place like how we's want our own birthday parties to turn out.

  • How did you come up with the name of your company ?
Bowl Over means to surprise someone by being very beautiful; to surprise greatly. We wanted our company name to be conventional. This allows us to position our offerings as something unique and far from ordinary balloon decoration and gift delivery service.


  • When was your company founded and who are the persons behind it ?
We're a small online-based business composed of an online seller, a graphic artist and a program developer.

We've combined our passion, skills and our "thing" for delighting someone's day to come up with this simple side job.

We just started our operation last August 2018 and have already been blessed with 700++ facebook page likes, numerous successful events and number of gift deliveries mostly thru the recommendation of friends and family.

Just recently, When In Manila, together with I dart DASH invited us to join their Halloween Party. They believed in our offerings and helped us showcase one of our service during the event.

  • How did you get your idea of concept for this business?
It all started with a box of chocolates and a broken heart....

Sometime 2017, one of us had a huge meltdown which was the result of a terrible relationship experience and really bad break-up.

Once came to her comfort, invited her to get a cup of coffee and gave her a box full of chocolates with a letter inside saying:

"Sometimes, having a coffee with your best friend is all the therapy you need. 
I will always be here for you". 

Few months later, we've looked back and realized how this simple gesture of kindness affected her in a very positive manner.

We figured, since kindness is good for everyone, why not let everybody experience it thru a product or service? And who doesn't want gifts, anyway? :)

We then offered our products and services at an affordable range because we believe that surprises and gifts doesn't need to be grand. In fact, sometimes, a simple letter, a simple thought, a simple act already changes someone's life entirely.

  • What do you offer?
Balloon Setup, Surprise Concept & Gift Delivery

Balloon Setup
Staying in for the night ? Greet your other half with a balloon-filled room.
Top tip: Hold the bouquet, dim the lights and get the tissue ready

Surprise Concept
Got bizzare ideas to swoon your loved one but you've got limited time to prepare? No worries! We've got you covered.

Gift Delivery
Whether you've got a question to pop of you just want to light up someone's day. SBO has a wide variety of gift ideas. Ready for Delivery!

  • What makes you different?

We offer a complimentary 20-minute photoshoot. "Tailor-made" for Instagram
→ We offer shopping and hotel booking assistance. For those who are on-the-go and has no time to look for hotel and/Airbnb deals.
→ We listem. We definitely go all the way to make an event as personal as possible.

  • How to place an order?
Visit our Facebook Page at Sweet Bowl Over and fill up our online order form. Once submitted, we will send the payment details right away. 

  • Do you have a physical store?
No, we don't have a physical store but our supplies are all stored in Makati :)

Personally, I rate them 11/10 yes! I'm really fond of setting up birthday surprises with matching colorful decorations for my family and friends! Also, I've been looking for a shop/store that caters to this type of industry. That's why when I found out about them, I decided to give them a try. As a busy woman, I don't have much time to prepare or think of something unique to give to my man. I'm overall thankful and happy for their service!

If you guys are still not convince,  just check out their facebook page or you can reach them through their recently launched website Sweet Bowl Over for more details and photos! 

Location: Makati, Philippines
Contact #:0998-854-6046

Until my next blog !! See yaaa ♥~



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