August 2017

If you're wondering why I'm super duper late it's because my lazy ass be winning last month-present T^T can I get an amen for being the most masipag blogger ??? :D 

Heyyyyyy !!! it has been a while!

Do you guys missed me ? :p

as for August, hmmmm..
if you're thinking this one is gonna be different, well you're wrong coz again it's gonna be about F O O D. 

  but on a serious note, August 15 was my momma's birthday. ♥
her very first birthday without here. :'( 
Sana man lang dumalaw sya sa panaginip ko.
We visited her in the morning and wailed myself in front of her grave.
Hi Mama, I miss you so so so much. Things would be very different if you're still alive. The house won't feel this empty. People here won't see us differently. 
 So many things have changed here honestly.

So I wish you are still here.
And there's nothing more I can ever hope in life. :(

Happiest Birthday Mama!
You are the most beautiful woman and no one can ever beat that. 
For sure ang bongga ng handa mo dyan sa heaven and you get to celebrate with angels and Him ♥
I wanna end this in a positive light, so ma, I hope you're all well and happy na and please lang, dalaw dalaw din kapag may time :) 
I love you and I will always miss you Atunton.

*clears throat*

so I tried this new Endless OS and it's so effin cool !
More so, you can download it for free!
I found this from one of my product training held by Acer, coz they're the first brand to use it. 

Perks? Unlike the ones we use today, this operating system can be use even without internet. And that alone means a lot! Considering internet is the main medium we people use to do our stuff but this endless OS can do the job. 
It has pre installed Wikipedia and how to's articles. They have music and videos too yep again, pre installed when you download it. Oh and did I say they have super fun games too when you get bored? 

I've tried it myself! It was user friendly as well. I didn't have a hard time navigating and exploring it. 

As much as I wanna keep using it, my laptop is in a very limited state lol.
And so I have to keep using Microsoft, but for the ones like a trip to a cafe, or for a group project, this can do so many useful things and can make you even more productive. 

 and speaking of cafe, on a one random night, Bryan and I decided to talk about our business plan, Yaaaas on a cafe pa xD

 So many dreams and plans were build that night *fingers crossed*♥

and here we go again, we the trio in search of the incredible... food in the middle of the night!
Yellow Cab !

this was taken on a different and we opted for a buffet dinner. 
Heaven *O*

During one of my work days, when I feel like spending my money to some stuff that I assumed will make me full but not really :3
But still did coz of the oddly pleasing visuals. 

That's Matcha btw ♥ for the matcha hunt series

My oh my this was the bomb ! and I swear these Chicken at Buffalo Wings and Things are so delicious !!!! so much I think I'm gonna grow my chicken wings any time soon T^T legit fell in love at first bite ♥

He's done it before and I think it's safe to say that my man tends to buy me anything matcha flavored food whenever he feels like I'm going to throw some major tantrums ;___; sorry naaa :3

Matcha Bun from Kumori !!
Too bad my intestines aren't satisfied with a single bread so maybe patatlo ako next time ? xD hahahahaha

At this point, people are legit questioning my love for matcha. So yes kasing bitter ko sya. And yes, it tastes like "grass" obviously because it is made from green tea. -_- the bitter, the better, the more authentic, the more feels I get T^T 
and this Matcha drink was an impulse bought from one of my strolls in the mall. #NoRegrets

and I super duper love whenever I see matcha stuff on a regular daily basis, 
like this matcha icecream from Yellow Cab !! It's so goooooood!♥
so much for my matcha hunt ! :D
My heart is soooo happy !

My man likes to take me to the cinema to watch some superheros recycled movies you know the drill what. -_-
but this was probably the best Tagalog movie I have seen in a while. "100 Tula Para Kay Stella".- Not a cliche plot. It's realistic compare from the "Kita Kita" hype which I've watched too.(love it btw) yet I think this one deserves more recognition T^T

it effin made me cry ;___;
honestly,  this was the first time I saw JC Santos and I hardly know him but daaaaaaaaaaaamn that acting!! It's so on point and he be looking like my next boyfriend *ehem* what a fine man he is. 
This movie stated that you can never really be sure of someone's feelings unless spoken. It showed how time can play such an important role to our lives.
Say it, while you have the chance..

and I'm gonna stop here before I spill some spoilers for those who haven not seen it yet. 
Probably my fave tagalog movie so far. Hope filipino movie creators can do more movies like this. Not the kabit-si ganito, may kabit si ganyan sort of. Nakakaumay. This is exactly a breath of fresh air ! 10/10

Stella, whyyy ? :/

aaaaand we have reached the rock bottom of this entry, again I apologized for being so inactive! Gomen ne minna-san!

Hoping to get on track na after this update.

I love you guys and thank you for the continuous views and support this blog gets. I may or may not know you all personally, in fact I don't think someone I know actually reads this page so yeaaah.

To all unheard and silent readers, thank you! and I hope we can interact here some more! Drop a comment so we can converse and get to know each other ♥

Til here, 



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