July 2017

Hey hey hey !! I'm back.
July is all about stuffing myself with unhealthy foods lol 
and of course consuming carbs comes with consuming your wallet too so yeah literally broke throughout July. Yep.. 

Aside from the broke ass department, I also experienced some huge stresses from my work. Ugh -_- and I'm just so so so happy, it's all over now as I'm typing this. :3

Everyone who personally knew me, knows how indecisive I can be. 
And most of the time it shows on my hair... 
I think I mentioned it on my previous entry that I cut my hair short.
So for July, I, again cut my hair shorter -_-
and idk why I just did. 
Even if I look like a fat dora idgaf hahahaha 
I once again opted for an apple cut. :D
Alam ko nawindang kayo sa mukha kong pang jumpscare. Wag kayong ano.
I used Zenfone Live for this photo. So if you noticed I look fairer and my nose can no longer be seen. You now have a full floured tempura. 

Ok, let's proceed. -_-

I got to meet my friends too!
Hi Alvin and Vien! (this was taken before I cut ma hurr)

 Had a simple lunch at Zarks!

If you're a Starbucks junkie, you know they initiated a Php100 Grande every Wednesday for the entire month of July. and ehem being the feeling mayaman pero wala namang pera me, eto na ang chance ko mag feeling mayaman kase istatus simbol to. 3/4 ata mamshie, so obviously kinana ko sya lolol

at dahil ramdam ko na ang diabetus kicking in, I stopped na. Joke lang! wala lang akong pera nung pang 4th wk hahahahahaha 

I know at this point, you guys are thinking how glutton of a person I am. Sorry naaaaa (-A-)

Wendy's became my go-to whenever I eat alone T^T

and on a different day, my dear girlfriend, Edz and I tried Kim N' Chi.
Their food display looks so similar to what the japanese have!

This is what Edz ordered, a Seafood Omurice.
 and this is mine, Beef Omurice and to tell you the serving is so winner haha di nagtitipid. Panalo mga mamshie. You guys better try this out too :D
I paid for like Php125-135? Super affordable for this kind of food presentation and awesome sauce taste!

My sister had her 25th birthday last July 20. 
Thought of a very last minute birthday surprise for her!
I was only thinking of giving her my gift and a cake but I thought it would be too plain and normal so I bought banners and balloons on the same day and made a little decoration on our room. 
 My brother and Bryan helped me fix things T^T thank you guys!

This was all I could manage to do but for a short time preparing, ppwede na yan :D

and tadaaaaaaaaa! She was so dumfounded and don't know what to do lolol.
I love you Ate. 
Happy Birthday!! I know you feel so many pressure and responsibilities weighing on your shoulders but I'll be here with you :)
We'll be both successful someday and make Mama and Papa proud !

 and for the actual celebration, we had a family dinner with our now extended fam ♥

on the other note, I think it's normal for a woman to actually crave for some alone time with some drinks while watching Gossip Girl.
I find it a very #adulting to do lol

Onto my catsssss!
here we can see Momoring being so girly sleeping beside a flower vase 

so kawaiiii >*<
So beautiful.

So that's it guys. I know it's super late na ! Things are kinda rough these days so I didn't have time to blog. 
Anyways, if you have endured my boring content and made your way til here then you're the bomb! 

Thank you guys! Hope to see on my next post!
I love youuuu ♥♥♥ :*



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