2018 Recap!

It's super late for a 2018 recap but last year was a breakthrough year for me. I'm beyond blessed! I've been to different places, was able to try out new things, went out of my comfort zone, ate A LOT!, met new incredible people, got a new job,  and so much more. 
And now looking back today, I realized how a year can change a person. It changed me. Hopefully to a wiser and more grown version. Pretty sure this entry will be lengthy but I hope you'll stay til the end :)

It was January last year when I applied for my current job. Back then, I was a scaredy cat! I got so comfortable with the people I used to work with at my previous company that I didn't think a new company would see my potential or if I had any at all.  For those of you who doesn't know, I used to work as a service coordinator at a retail store. Mostly in charge of reporting damaged items back to the supplier but I had pretty much experience every task on a day to day store operation. I helped out with transactions, assisted with the sales, carried huge boxes from one place to another, attended various product training, like basically everything. For almost two years, I tried my best to make ends meet. My salary back then wasn't enough for me to spoil myself or even my family but it was enough to carry on. So I decided that at the start of the year, I must do something for my career. I no longer feel that I'm growing and everyday tasks became tiring and repetitive. That's when I said yes to a job offered by a friend. Honestly, I was still hesitant at first. Going out of my comfort zone is one of my weak spot not to mention my low self esteem. I was basically a negatron! Despite the self doubts and worries, I still went ahead and tried my luck. 
This was me awkwardly waiting for my name to get called for final interview.
Back when I thought having 3 different shades of hair was cool! lolol

Fortunately, I got in ! The universe conspired with me that time. 
 This is a BPO company and I never had an experience with anything BPO-related before. My communication skill is just purely basic, enough to get my point across but not too good to be considered professional level. So imagine my fulfillment getting in !
I was so happy I cried when I broke the news to my dad and gave him a hug. 
I can now do things, eat things whenever, wherever I want. The company pays me just enough to have the means to provide for my family and spoil myself at the same time. 

One of few things why I love my current job is because it gives me the capability to go out there and visit new places.
Baguio for one, is and will always be one of my fave go-to city. The cold weather, the slow-paced and simple lifestyle of the people there amazes me, it's a whole lot different from Manila. I used to envy people who can afford to go there coz I heard it can be pretty expensive. Little did I know, they have affordable transients where you can stay without breaking the bank. Baguio has been on my bucket list ever since and last year I was able to 
ticked it off - TWICE!! Yes, I visited last March and November. 
I was so happy huhuhu! I even low-key dreamed of secretly getting married there, with just my groom, 4 of my friends in a tiny little chapel, and I will be wearing a cute cocktail dress for an intimate wedding.

And just a back story, my first time in Baguio legit gave me something to remember. WE GOT SCAMMED ! I will leave the full story here~
Really in love with 50s Diner ♥


//Second visit//

 This time we tried the night life in Baguio and other cafes and restaurants!


Cafe by the Ruins. 

Back at 50s Diner coz it's legit my most fave spot in the city!

Now that I remember I also made a post about my love for the diner!

Baguio will always have a place in my heart!

Another first coming right up !
As you all know,  I prefer staycations and comfort over nature explorations. Now don't get me wrong, I do appreciate nature and I support every individuals who help conserve our mother earth. But to be frank, I'm not cut out for such activities such as hiking. My work mates invited me to join them at Masungi Georeserve. It's a conservation area and a rainforest located at Rizal. Hiking could only take 4 hours or so, but there were tons of hanging bridges and other obstacles needed to cross. You won't even have the chance to back out coz there's literally no other option but despite my lazy ass, my countless regrets of joining running through my mind while at the trail,  I faced my fears that day!
and I'm grateful I have these people who convinced me into something crazy like this. 

It was fun :)

Full Blog Post HERE!!

It was also last year when I got my first commendation on my job !
Little things like this makes me inspired and do better on my craft. 


2018 was the year when I legit feel so Tita!
Everyone I know is either getting married or having kids. 
I could be awarded for being "Godparent of the Year", because I fucking am. 
HAHAHAHA !! While it's all fun, this whole adulting is making me gloomy, am I the only one feeling like this ? :(
My friends got their own lives, I can't just ring them and expect them to be there. Planning to meet takes so much time and effort alone so I don't bother. 
It's part of the system and maturity we all need to live by. I, myself will probably be busy with my own life in the future that I won't always be available. 

So yeah, quit making me your Godparent friends, I'm not rich and I'm not a responsible adult so don't expect me to be one to your kiddos lololol #fact

And another first for me was the glamping which I fell in love with!
I went there with my ex whose name shall not be mentioned.
Glamping, was a combination of the words, "glamorous", and "camping". 
Because this is not your usual camping. This is the modern day version. 
Imagine going on a camp with all the necessities and comfort you can get, in which I'm all favor of!
While it can be pretty expensive, the sight of nature and the lake is really relaxing. It was the quiet I have always longed for. 

I would probably go back again if given a chance or would try other glamping spots for a change. 

Last year would not be complete without a visit on the beach !!

Floating because I got too much airbags on my body lolol

Tried inflatable playground too!

 Looking at the photos makes me want to pack my bags and go back. 
Just a fact: I never liked the ocean. I love the sight of the waves dancing at the sea shore, the blue and white combination of the sand and the water. 
But the truth is, I'm actually afraid of it. You know, unaware what's going on underneath that deep blue sea. I'm one of the people who still believes that mermaid and megladon still exists in the deepest part of the sea ! FIGHT ME!
oh Sunset. ♥ 

Work wise!
I got chosen to be part of a pioneer team at my job!
Frankly, it was stressing and there's a lot of pressure going on. 
While it was humbling to be part of something as big as that
it's nerve-wrecking knowing people expect so much from you. 

I still feel nervous every time but I got a powerful team who I can always lean on. The support we are getting is overwhelming and enough to carry on!

So many things to be grateful about :)
2018 was the year when I was at my happiest and the same year when I hit rock bottom. The year I started to be aware of my mental health, I have never cared about it before but it's making me anxious from time to time. Have I gone mad? or desperate ? Have I been doing things wrong ?  
I learned that it's okay not to be okay. I could cry my heart's out and I don't have to pretend I was happy when I was falling apart. And it's still okay. 
I kept on questioning myself every time and I know it's not healthy but I'm so glad I'm getting by.

What a year it was! I'm happy I managed to keep myself together despite the lows life had given me. Thankful that I met so many amazing and incredible people ! I made new friends. Tons of them and I couldn't ask for more!
This year, I will focus on the good things. Spend my money on adventures rather than things. Think about my future (lol)
Create more dreams and find ways to achieve it !

Thank you to everyone who made my 2018 memorable
It was a bomb !

And if you did read up until here, meet me and I'll reward you with a cookie lol shoot me a message. I might be kidding.. or not. :p



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