Baguio's Famous 50's Diner

Am I the only one who is an old soul ?
I used to believe I've lived during the 50's in my past life that's why it got stuck on my head. Last year, I promised myself to build a 70's inspired diner and make it look like you travel back on time. Sure it is impossible back then and even now, I don't think I can make it but that is something I'm thinking of doing in a long term, maybe when I'm financially stable. Life so far has been good, and I'm only starting to build my career path. 

Anyway, I know you are wondering what is this entry all about.
I'm sharing my experience into the first ever diner that I went to and trust me it was magical!

The 50's Diner located in Baguio.
I've seen a lot of restaurants with the same theme popping out like mushrooms here in Manila but I never really got to try one. 
The one in Baguio is legit giving me some feels :3 I hope the ones here in Manila will give me the same. 

As you can see in my past posts,
 I've been to Baguio last April and had the chance to try the said diner.
My heart was jumping out of joy upon reaching the destination.
We went there early in the morning so we can have the place all to ourselves.

The ambiance was so relaxing and one of the key points that I'm looking for in a diner is how much of the whole restaurant will stay true to their concept. 

They didn't disappoint from the have bright neon lights, posters of Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and other artists of the old time up on the walls, the service crews uniform, even their menu is really inviting.

The food they serve is really good and it will really give you the vibe of a diner
  But one thing I loved the most was the choice of music they have. 
They're playing old songs and even my all time fave song "Alone Again Naturally". I was internally screaming. (u guys give that song a listen!!)
my old soul is just happy and grateful to be there!

Kilig internally!!!!

Don't you just wanna dig in ? Yum !!
Their food is sumptuous and affordable unlike the ones that I see here in Manila.
Plus 100000% for the presentation.

Now this milkshake reminds me of Riverdale ! Huhu Season 3 please come fast!

 visiting here made me more eager and motivated to continue dreaming of having my own. I will claim it. 

I will have my own Diner in the future!
Thank you guys for reading up until here and for hearing about my dreams, I know it's impossible but we'll just go ahead and make it come true!
I know I don't blog a lot these days but hihihi I'm trying to balance and do everything at the same time. 

Again, thank you!



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