May 2018

May was craaaazy, I fucking sprained my left foot for the most absurd reason.
FOR WEARING HEELED BOOTS. I know. I know. G na g kase mga mamsh.TTuTT
Maybe it's because my foot is not used to wearing anything with heels since I'm more of a flats kind of person. Secondly, baka kase di lang ako kinakaya ng paa ko lamon pa more te!

Either way, it's more tolerable now but it's still there lurkinggg 
waiting for me to wear ma boots again lol

But that did not stop me from all the lamon! HAHAHAHA!

 Hitting it off with a breakfast at Kanto Freestyle with my team mates !
The funniest group I've been in! ♥

Chickiiiiiiin !!!Legit value for money!!

On a different week, we tried Go! Kizip.
Coz you know when you are working at a night shift your go-to food trips will always be with 24 hour shift restaurants. 

Back Story!!
There was this korean who I assumed was the owner who helped us cooked the meat lol embarrassing but he was so cute and if looks could kill, he would be dead by now ! LEGIT OPPA SYA MGA BES KAYA GORA NA KAYA DON HAHAHAHAHA!

Speaking of 24-hour open restaurant\cafe.
We have a new place to hang out at !
Tim Hortons San Lorenzo branched just open and yesss it's open 24/7!!

Also tried eating at Ersao. Food was so-so but it's a little pricey for the servings they offer, the milk teas were good though :3

More chickiiiiin

and this is me trying to look fierce while sipping on a child's drink :3

Matcha Frappe from Cafe Portofino. Bought these while having my foot checked at USTH :3 Rate? 6/10

I only see this matcha bingsu on my facebook feed but to have a legit one ?
*Q* you guys this was so goooood !

This was from Hobing. So in loveeee will probably come back for this!

If you got to this point, you're probably thinking that all I do is eat.
Food is life♥ 

But seriously, May was fun and challenging!
I hope June will be the same. 

Thank you guys ! Promise to be more active hahahaha!



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