DesignEvo: The Most Sought After Logo Maker in Town

Would you believe that the logo you see above is made with just a few clicks?

YES! With DESIGNEVO, It's possible!

In this digital age, more and more people are becoming interested in making their own brands be it a blogger, web developer or as a new business, the first thing that comes to their mind is to make a logo. Personally, I make my logos online relying on the websites that offer free services since hiring my own personal logo maker will probably break the bank. 

That is when I found out about DesignEvo.
DesignEvo is an online logo maker that helps everyone to make professional logos for free ! 


DesignEvo offer 5,000+ designs that you can choose from. This help users make their own awesome visual branding since the pre-made logos can still be tweak to whatever you want it to look like. They offer enormous selections of finely made logo designs from Business, Pets, Nature to Makeup and Lifestyle, you can pretty much find everything here. This part excites me the most since all of their templates are cool and it will really give you a hard time deciding what to use. 

What I like the most is their wide range of icons that are available to use, just put keywords in their search bar and you will be surprise by the amount of search results. They also offer different kinds of fonts and you can use it without paying for a premium feature! They have two options for fonts, the one is the classic and the other one is art, both you can use to match your logo designs. You can also tweak the background color from a solid one to a gradient effect. Yes still it is free !

You don't have to be a graphic designer to understand its navigation. Everything is pretty much clicks away without exerting too much effort and stress! A very user friendly tool awaits you! This is what I exactly look for when I search for online logo maker websites. I'm not good with complicated editing and my creativity is nowhere to be found so just choosing from their pre-made logos and giving it minimal tweaks save me lots of time.

DesignEvo offers free service and the nice thing about this, it is not a trial version, you can pretty much make your logos as much as you want to. They will only require you to give them some credits by sharing it on your social media, which is just a simple tasks especially with the all the perks they are giving you with their free services, that is the least thing you can do.

Of course they also have premium packages, please note that this is for a one-time payment only! With the service that they already offer for free, imagine the perks of a premium feature! I think these are just worth every penny you will be spending. Photo below for reference. 

Honestly, investing to logos can really help you build your brand. 
DesignEvo can assist you on creating your logos and use it for your business card, websites, marketing and advertising tools. Remember a well designed logo can make a huge impact on your brand because that's how people will remember you. 

Now I understand why everyone is making a fuss over this!
DesignEvo is legit the game changer for everyone who wishes to build their own brand logo. You don't have to download software to experience their service everything can be done on their website! Everyone can have fun tweaking their templates because it is easy and free.

So if you are looking for an online logo maker that provides best service and quality, I highly suggest you try DESIGNEVO !



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