Types of Kapitbahay

It's been a while since the last time I made a list. 
It's 12mn here as I'm writing this and I just woke up from the noise coming from my neighbors who just won't stop fighting. LIKE REALLY... -_-

and so my sole self decided to make a list because hahaha naistorbo niyo na ako mga kyah and teh.

So without further ado, I'll show you how my kapitbahays act  the types of kapitbahay.

1.) Awkward Titas 
Here we have the first set of your neighbors who feel like you owe them some explanation everytime you see them. Your mom says they are you titas but don't know how the fuck your family tree works so you just give them a nod or a very awkward smile everytime you come across. Coz ya know, must act nice and polite. -_- 

2.) The Orocans.
Second one is my fave set of kapitbahays. I bet you all know what orocan means if you're pinoy. Okay so for those who don't, orocan simply means "plastik", or two-faced. They smile when they see you but the moment you walk pass by them, you can feel they are absolutely talking shit about you. They look at you like you're on some runway and is being judged ruthlessly.

Like mamsh bakit ano na naman dinadale mo ?

Oh especially when you're carrying some shopping or grocery bags. 
Their eyes turn to an x-ray vision examining what the fuck is inside those bags. 
Also, when you look like a damn pop star with your outfit, they make it a big deal -_-
Favorite pass time? gossiping.

3.) Silent Cat Callers
Since you both live in the same area these dudes are not your usual cat caller, 
they beg to differ by being silent but never underestimate their stares. 
It can pierced through your cleavage and crotch. So beware. 
like. really.

4.) The Drunkards.
These are the people who usually have a weekly beer session. 
I'm not against them as long as they are not being too loud, rude and causing some scene. It's also been a while since I've seen a major drunkard fight and they're doing fine so far and that better stay that way! I'm thankful my kapitbahays are not like those. Iinom lang hindi magpapatayan!

5.) Messy Youngsters/Jejemons
I think every neighborhood have a set of young teens who happen to get stuck with this awkward phase. -_- Name every gangster song, bet they know it. 
Always wearing the most overrated trends (not that I'm against them tbh) I'm not gonna emphasize more but just think about the usual messy teens you see on the streets who curse so loud -_-
They can be judgmental and harsh at times, I know since my brother actually is friends with them and made a joke about the death of our mom. So yeah.
I know you guys are just confused right now but let's just be responsible with our actions and be considerate of others. You'll grow out of it soon. 
Sana soon na nga.

6.) The Care Givers.
Probably my fave sets of neighbor!! The one who still believes in the phrase, it's better to give than to receive". The ones who will drop by your house just to give you food that they prepare, whether it's the newly cooked ulam or from a birthday feast you name it ! They just don't forget their kapitbahay hahahaha!
Now these angels, for whatsoever their reasons may be for barging into your house are still forgiven coz gurrrrl may spag and lumpiang shanghai, diba bet mo yan ?
 Keep the food coming!!

7.) The Lowkey Parasites.
The uninvited neighbor walked into your house asking for a wifi password and coming up with so many reasons. I love your performance, pang award winning mamsh. I'm not selfish but our connection is already dead with just us 4 using it. I don't think my bandwidth can still support you. Practically speaking and no offense meant, but you want to use something for free and we're actually paying for it ? 

8.) The Parent Trap
So we've finally reached the last part! This is to commend the couple who happens to live next to us and the main reason why I made this entry. 
The loud banging on my wall and the sound of plates or anything that's breaking to pieces is legit music to my ears. I don't mind the shouting and cursing, in fact it's my alarm clock. But seriously, how about being considerate to the people who lives next to you ? I've been waking up to the sound of your fights. The crying of your children is obviously alarming. I don't care what you guys are fighting about all the damn time but I suggest if you can't seem to understand each other then get a fucking divorce. I swear it's gonna make our lives better. 
Everyone in the neighborhood can hear you fight and it's not a good example.
I know fighting is normal for a couple but causing a scene and disturbing the whole neighborhood is another story.
Come on just let me sleep. 

So that's the end of my list! 
I know this it sounded more of a rant but honestly hahaha you feel me right ? 
Sorry na mamsh. 
I'm gonna sleep na !!!
Thank you for reading ♥



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