February 2018

Everything seems a mess up until now with me still adjusting to my new job and new environment. Trust me I'm working on it. Naah I'm just lowkey reasoning about how I slacked off last month.

let's skip my lame excuse coz I got tons to share !

On the first week of February, my man and I came over to my best friend's house for some much needed quality time!

Jobs and I made some lasagna. It was my first time making one too.
Thank goodness it wasn't an epic fail!! The boys liked it.

We literally spend the whole night eating and jamming to IU's song "Through the Night", which we later on made a short cover of. 
Thank you to my best friend ever, Bill ♥ and also to Jobs for being so generous and awesome as always!

I'm honestly trying my best to seize the moment before I start my new job. 

On the second week,
My fam and I paid a visit to my relatives in Pateros, which also happened to be celebrating a fiesta.
Aside from the food my Tita Gemma cooked, (ehem magutom din kayo damay damay naaa)

 we also had a chance to roamed around the bayan. 
and what did we got ?
I got fake tattoos!!!
This sticker that I absolutely fell in love.

And this cool goth inspired henna !

I paid mom a visit too.
Missing you heaps ma :(

so before I became emotional for 1000000th time, let's move onto another topic. As you all know February is pretty much famous for the Valentine's Day
I made homemade chocolates for my valentino and damn man, I'd never been this disappointed in myself lolol

Let's start with the messy table that I didn't even care to make it ig worthy set up.
Secondly, I never thought putting water into a melted chocolate can change its fucking texture!@$#$@#. I made this the evening of 13th and got no time to go buy another one. Such an epic fail already.
But yo girl here went on coz ya know walang susuko hahahahha!

I bought a Valentine's chocolate, recycled its box and re decorated it.
This is what I came up with.

I know it looked terrible but heyyy it's my first time making one. 

On the actual V-day, we opted for a simple dinner.

Above all the typical roses, chocolates and what not,I think one of the most meaningful gifts that I have ever received were the pepper spray and the rape whistle. He knew that I always get scared everytime I got out a night. This actually helped me feel safer at least and I'm just moved about how someone can be so over protective of my own being. Thank you.  

Lastly, I made my first order to Beauty Manila.
Heard that they're selling organic makeups so this is totally not gonna be our last transaction :)

I also went to Binondo to celebrate Chines New Year but i'm gonna make a separate post that it deserves! So stay tune !!

I started my new job naaaa and I'm loving it so farr! ♥♥
Will try to be more updated as possible despite my demanding schedule but I can't fully promise that guys :(

However, if you got into this part, then here's a cookie !!!!
Thank you for staying !!!

I love each and everyone of you !



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