June 2018

June was by far the most amazing satisfying and incredible month for me. 
I got my first commendation at work !
Slowly, I feel like I'm more and more capable of giving back to my family, which is literally everything to me and I'm only getting started. I hope mom is proud of me :) Shout out to you ma for being such an inspiration! 

Rainy season is hereee !
which means you can wear all your fave sweaters without sweating heaps !
which also means you going to have to deal with the floods + strong breezy winds :(

Cuddle weather of course calls for some hot Red Velvet Latte.  

And on a separate week, tried Pistachio Bon Bon Cream ♥ yum !

Also took my family out for dinner !!

and since I need matcha to function hahahaha ! 
I bought a tea. 

Lastly, this Medusa themed brush was given to me by my man. 
It's actually from his sister's newly launched cosmetics line, Circe Cosmetics!
I was planning to buy it because it's their premium brush and this actually reminds me of Taylor Swift's Reputation concept, but he got it for me even before I could. They also offer an array of fantasy themed brushes!
What I love the most about it, is because this is cruelty free :)

This premium brush comes with a holder and a pouch. 
Personally, I don't know much about makeup and how to use each of these brushes but having this makes me think otherwise!
On the other hand, I'm also hesitant to use it since it's just too pretty that I would rather just keep it lol

For those who wants to grab their hands on this brush set, just go to their page

For more brush varieties, you can watch Ms. Chill's (the owner) vlog about this. 

So yeah, July is now up ! 

Thanks for reading! I know I sounded boring and dull hahaha !
but still thank you for hanging out :D



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