April 2018

April has been a roller coaster ride for me, I really am sorry for blogging this late entry. I just had to sort out some personal problems on my own so yeah..
anyways, I'm now back so for today's post just like the usual stuff.
This is grossly late monthly entry lol

Work wise, I'm still getting the hang of it but everything seems perfect and I'm loving this new environment.  I don't have much to talk about but I hope I ain't boring you out guys ;___;

Perhaps we can talk about food.

Made this French Toast topped with strawberries I got from Baguio.
and god forbid I've never felt so accomplished in my 23 years of existence.

Treated my family out for lunch and I'm so happy they liked Thai food ♥

Got these babies from the chinese convenient store after watching "A Love so Beautiful" lol 

and this is a random photo of me on the subway.
Pangiti ngiti lang yan pero mamamatay na sa sakit ng puson yan !!!!

Another addition to my matcha hunt series !!
So good ! ♥_♥

and all hail for this hole right here :3

wasn't really planning to buy this but changed my mind upon seeing this lol

I really don't have anything to share perhaps I will leave all the talking for May entry ! I was really busy and problematic last April so this is all I can give you. 

Thank you guys. 



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