Day Tour at Masungi Georeserve

As we all know, July has been nothing but rain and storms but that didn't stop us from pushing through with what we have planned a month ago:
To go trekking at Masungi Georeserve.

It has been the talk of the town ever since it went viral way back 2015.
My officemates invited me to join. I didn't hesitate to join given the fact that this will be my first time to hike. For starters, I really am scared and admittedly lazy to agree into something like this. But knowing I will get to bond with them should be a worthy reason to say yes to this adventure. 

Going to Masungi can only be done by reservations, so walk ins are definitely not allowed. You can email them and just wait for confirmation. Also you have to prepare your cash as they require 50% down-payment to reserve your slot. 

Prior to the D-day, the rain was so scary and non-stop making us want to cancel the trip. However, despite the bad weather we all decided to proceed and just enjoy.

So off we went! It was roughly an hour and a half to get there from our office at Makati. Dropped by on the highway to have breakfast first!

Got there around 9am and our scheduled time was at 10am so we waited at the van. We were ushered to the Silungan, their briefing area which was a 5 minute walk from the main entrance. There, they discussed a brief history of Masungi, the Do's and Don'ts and of course some safety procedures during the trail. We signed a waver and they also gave us a certificate and named a tree after us!
What a sweet gesture ! With the safety helmets and ponchos to cover us from the rain, we were all set to start!

The trail was made of concrete blocks and stones which made it easy to walk on so definitely an easy one if you're an extreme hiker. 

Five minutes into trekking and these tiny ropes welcomed us. 
I was like, "who scared who"? it was an easy obstacle. 
Little did I know, that's only a glimpse of what's ahead. 
I can still smile lol.

Second stop was the "Sapot", as what they call it. 
This spot is so popular, I always see this on Instagram and Facebook.
Now it's my turn to brag hahahaha! My anxiety level at this point was still on the manageable tab. Especially when you see what's beneath those ropes. Sharp rock edges TTuTT There was no view just fogs. 

Continuing with the trekking after taking heck lots of photos on the Sapot, our guide discussed some trivia and facts while on our way.  

Man, I can't remember how many hanging bridges we crossed.
All I know was I managed to stay collected all throughout and not expose my panic/breakdown moment whenever my fears consume me huhuhuhu! For me, crossing hanging bridge needs a lot of trusts lol. but really, just a piece of wood and ropes in knots to step on, sounds suicide to me. Why am I such a loser ? 
 So better tell your adventurous friends not to jump on it because the more shaky it is, the more fear you will have hahahaha! :(

But this house is so cute situated in the middle of a bridge!

Now this is legit scary. This one is not for the faint of heart!
Reached the peak of "Ditse" which was the scariest view I've seen in my life. The steepest rope trail Yikes! 
And you have to climb a looooong way down. Standing on top of the cliff and looking down make me really want to back out coz I don't know if I can handle it! I was certain that I almost had a breakdown while climbing down and tell you I've never been so concentrated in my entire 23 years of existence, focusing on my foot and hand rhythm coz one little mistake can activate my panic attack and I don't want to embarrass myself in front of my friends. At this time, I was legit questioning wtf I got myself into..Why did I signed up for this in the first place? but experiencing this with my friends, sharing the same memories with them and this, as my first time hiking was so much fun!
No harness, just you and your faith can get you through it!  

I don't know how I still managed to smile TTuTT

These guys looked legit chill !!!

While I gave out a nervous smile !! 
Talking to myself, "matatapos din to potaaaa!!". 

Behind my smile was the "Ama Namin" prayer on loop in my brain.
Believe me.

Nearing the end of this stretch like, "kala nyo ah!"

and I was so envious of my friends who got to enjoy this while I suffer in silence hahahaha! After what felt like a year of climbing down the ropes, and making sure everyone is still alive lol we proceeded. It's been raining and the winds were strong kaya kang ipaglaban mamsh. 

We were all tired by the time we got back on trekking, we made a few stops to rest because there were uphill steps and we had to catch our breath. So much for cardio exercise ;___; 

We also entered "Yungib ni Ruben"Cave where we had to overcome small passageways to get inside and out.  
Super LQ photo I knowww!

After fighting the rain and going up to "Nanay", which features five limestones rock peak we decided to skip "Tatay", the taller peak among the two and decided to proceed with the last stretch of the trail, the "Bayawak".
Trust me I wanted to back out and just take the easier route coz yes they have one! but my friends were so eager to finish this, I wouldn't have gone down there if it weren't for their support. Of course to my man who constantly cheered me on. Going down on the tiny metal stairs before climbing down using the ropes was a challenge. I didn't even want to continue. Some of my friends thought the same too ! Never have I ever held onto a rope so tight like my life depends on it! Coz it is !! Again, there were no harness, just you and brave soul.
As for me, it was only me, myself and I. My soul left my body the moment I saw the cliff and the ropes. 

I was so happy and relieved I reached the bottom alive!
I better be because this was actually the entrance to "Liwasan" where snacks were waiting for us ! 

After freshening up, we went to the last part of the trail, the "Sawa". 
The opening of the hanging bridge looked like the snake itself !

and that's a wraaaaap!!

Before I go, I will be leaving some quick tips and reminders!
- Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.
- Eat heavy meal before the hike as you will be needing heaps of energy.
- Use the restroom coz there will be no restroom along the trail.
- Bring candies and light snacks (such as biscuits, chocolates etc.) you can much on.
- Never leave your trash as there are no trash cans in the area.
- Bring water bottles 
- Keep the noise level to minimum as loud noise can disturb the wildlife.
- Bring extra clothes
- Follow their rules and regulations.
- Bring your brave soul and carefree spirit !

Personally, going through all of it was admittedly scary and I realize I'm not one for adventure and I really would prefer chilling on a beach rather than sweating heaps while trekking through trails. But this made me feel reconnected to nature. Being the city girl that I am, I don't always have time to pack my bags and go trekking that's why I'm lucky I have adventurous friends who encouraged me to join this trip. This is once in a lifetime experience for me and I'm thankful I get to spend it with the funniest bunch I've ever known!

Here's to more adventures!



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