July 2018

July consisted of strong blows of winds and storms but it's also once of the busiest and eventful month I had so far. 

To kick it off, I took part in organizing a surprise birthday party for my dear best friend. He doesn't actually like surprises lol and one of his friends spilled the beans on him wtf but we still decided to push through coz obviously all he knew was a surprise not what's entirely on it ! We got his band mates reunited and some of our old friends from way back high school. We had a mini concert in their parking lot and all their neighbors were there to watch. It was a success !

Then the very next day, still intoxicated from last night's rendezvous I attended the baptism of my friend's new born yes Ninang na naman ako huuutaaa
I better have the Ninang of the Year award! TTuTT
So good to be reunited with my college friends of course.

We stayed at my house right after coz we srsly have a lot to catch up on and I bet father won't be happy if we kept on talking during the mass. 

One of the first event I joined in my office was the "Back to School" Theme Dress Up. Your girl here been meaning to wear a kawaii seifuku without being judged lol now my time has come ! I put on my improvised japanese uniform and so glad my team mates participated as well ! This has got to be my fave event so far! Gotta give my company credits for coming up with something awesome like this!

 Aren't we all cute ? hahahaha!

And lastly, the most challenging among all, our recent day tour at Masungi Georeserve which I published a separate entry it deserves!

Thought of storing photos into albums, perhaps it's my Tita instincts to keep hard copies and show them to my amigas while sipping a cup of tea. Or maybe show these to my kids and grandchildren one day ! Honestly, I want to keep them so I will have something to remind me about those days; my youth and teenage years and how I changed into the woman I am today. 

I know this is long overdue! We are halfway August but can't blame a busy woman !

If you reached this point,

Thank you! Thank you for reading and I hope you guys will stay dry and safe during this cold and stormy weather!



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