If I Die Young

I have always been so afraid to die, I'm one of those people who have this kind of mindset. I don't wanna die. Not yet. Not now. Of course we will all end up with death at some certain point but if I can only choose the age when I can die, I will do that. No matter what the reason will be, I want to be in control.

But nothing works that way here. You die when you die. You just can't choose to live when your time is up. You never know the last time you will see a place. Or a person. It's just solely darkness and nothingness.

Do your soul just confusingly wanders around ?
Do you really get to see your own dead body ?
What happens after death ? 
No one can actually tell.

This entry might be disturbing for some, just know that this is not a suicide note or any of that sort. 

 If I die young, I want to be the one who gets to decide. 
First things first, all my organs should be donated (everything that can still be of use) I want to give my eyes to my visually impaired best friend if this can help him see how beautiful the world is; once again.  
And just like the lyrics of this song, I wanna lay down on a bed of roses.
Wear a very beautiful white dress, I want to look pretty and when it's time for me to go, I want to be cremated. Honestly, do not like the idea of just burying the body six feet underground :(

and lastly, I hope I can finally be reunited with my mom in heaven ♥



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