March 2018

A gentle reminder: This thread almost consisted of food photos so if you're hungry, better close this tab but if you're chikadora and wants to know the latest chika about me, then you can stay. lol

So apologies for my late monthly entry. Supposedly, this entry should be up on the first week of April but since we went to Baguio I was more eager to finish it first. 

Anyways, I internally screamed when I saw this Pink kitkat on display at 7/11!!

March was also my most productive month yet ! 
I was too busy stacking up knowledge on my tiny brain with my new work and what more better way to celebrate this ? 
Some good ass karaoke and alcohol!

Made new friends yayyy !!
Here's me with my team mates !♥
Hi Joy, Mina, Charmz, JJ, Chad, Howell and Tito Jeff !!

and on a separate week, some of us went to Yellow Cab for pizza friday promooo! G kapag Buy 1 take 1 :D

 Kagutom ;__;

also, didn't thought we will be assigned to different teams just two weeks after we finished our training. Why so short ? :( MY SEPARATION ANXIETY ;__;
but yep as if we all have a choice lol
Gonna miss working with you guyss!

now this ice cream right here costed ma dear dino friend, Barney a fortune.
Php280 for this precious one right here!

Coz it's authentic af from Japan my ancestors are shookdt!

but guys, it was so worth it I'm telling you ! 

KKK dinner with my squad !!

and the next day invited my man for breakfast at Red Table. Went to the mall with just our usual pambahay clothes topped off with my makeup from yesterday? lol ang baboy diba ???


Food doesn't stop there u guy. *smirk*
I took my sister out on a date at Jatujak !!
Really loving Thai food so far ! ♥

This was my best friend when I get hungry at a very alanganing oras :3
Hello convenient foods !!

 No matcha adventure for today, but I'll be sharing you another milestone for the child-like me ! Finally able to taste Sakura flavoured drink at Starbucks ;__;
you guys don't know but I've always been so jealous how Japan always have Sakura flavoured frappe! and now that it's here for a limited time only.
 I was smiling while sipping this ughhh !!!!
Anyways, you probably have seen the name on the cup so guess who paid ? 

April is already busy with another set of job responsibilities !!
I might be taking time to blog again but your girl is always right here :))

March is legit food thread lol
So if you're still here and not hungry from all the food there, congratulations !



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