Cute Polka Dotted Rainbow Bow Tie Ribbon The Blueberry Star: August 2016

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Hi Love

Hi Love,

Strange isn't it ? How just last night we were talking about our road trips and even future plans like we're gonna make it.
Like this is something that will last.
Like this is something worth investing for.

But it is what it is.
We have to accept the fact that some things are not really meant to happen
And that includes you and me.
It was a rough start but I believed that this is something that could make me whole and complete.
I stayed despite what these odds are telling me.
That this is utter bullshit and that nothing good will ever come out.
But know that I stayed. Know that I tried.
That I thought about us being together.
Being happy.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

July 2016

First of all, I want to apologize for being a lazy blogger last July with only 2 entries. :( no more reasons and excuses, I just procrastinated. I'm having a hard time balancing both huhuhu.. 

Either way, I will be blogging about it so please stay with me till the end ? Wala na kasing nagstay sakin eh lahat na lang sila umalis. :(( #Kems #PeroBakaTotoo

Anyway, if you're probably thinking if I had spent my July spending money on food, well, you're a hundred percent right!

Proof of purchases lol (see photos below)

That medyo planadong gala.