July 2016

First of all, I want to apologize for being a lazy blogger last July with only 2 entries. :( no more reasons and excuses, I just procrastinated. I'm having a hard time balancing both huhuhu.. 

Either way, I will be blogging about it so please stay with me till the end ? Wala na kasing nagstay sakin eh lahat na lang sila umalis. :(( #Kems #PeroBakaTotoo

Anyway, if you're probably thinking if I had spent my July spending money on food, well, you're a hundred percent right!

Proof of purchases lol (see photos below)

That medyo planadong gala.

and the day where our head accountant lashed out on her birthday celebration.
 with my fave pakgirl Edz

and a not-so-candid shot
 Thank you Madam Jen for all the food♥

and an after party was held ! yo people my fat ass finally had a drink after so many months of me being non-alcoholic lol #BeerBelly

and that one time biglaan lakad with my friends!
Sudden meet ups like this ♥

Payday what ? xD
 Now u know why I'm most of the time short on money lol, So happy that I can somehow finance myself. Big girl na me, Big girl naman talaga actually hahaha!
 with this beautiful Andrea :)

 I can already feel my money flying so happily away from me :(
but as you know, happy tummy is happy ME ! :D
thanks guys for hanging out with me and also for bearing with the type of woman I am!

And for my movie-list department

Aside from procrastinating, watching movies made me feel less stress haha so I ended up with three of 'em.

First of all, 
EQUALS, Yep you heard it right and you thought right, I illegally downloaded it somewhere! Sorry Nicholas babe :( your poor honey can't afford to buy the original Blu effin Ray copy T^T

and hell I was never wrong, it was epic ! I don't understand why the critics find it so boring and dull. 
I was crying at every emotions they showed throughout. It's the kind of movie that some people may not enjoy but it's more than just the dullness as what they say, it's about the temptations, the depth, the feeling of longing for someone and craving for their presence. 

Opposing "Equals", here comes "How To Be Single". Which is I admit the kind of movie I'll watch for a hundred times and not get tired! This is my genre okay, this is my jam lol.
I just love everything about it. Location? NEW YORK=Check! Comedy? Absolutely=Check. Romance? Hmm a bit hesitant but well yeah a small check. 
Being single? =Big Check 
This movie taught me that being single is something that you shouldn't worry about.
It's okay and it's not a big deal. You don't have to rush love for the sake of feeling you belong to someone. Love comes at a right place, at the right time. You're entitled to everything that defines you and that you don't actually need a guy to make you feel complete.
Plus, who doesn't want free drinks at the bar ?

"The Age of Adaline", is about the woman who stopped ageing because of some sort of unexplained events. and what can I say ? Blake Lively killed every millennium she has lived! The story went on smoothly, and that plot twist got me thinking hahaha! Better watch it guys ! No telling.

August is now here and will be gone before we know it! I have nothing to wish for except for new opportunities and blessings. 

Thank you guys for reading up until here!
I'll try to be active this month :)



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