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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Quick Blog Post: Second Semester Will Be No Joke

It's only the second week of second semester and it's already causing us students too much stress. Ugh ....the struggles of a 4th yr student. T^T I have to let out all my frustrations since I'm huge fan of ranting, I'm gonna b..b..b..b..b..break it down for you. We'll be having our OJT this sem and I still have no idea what company should I go for. Me so hopeless TTuTT we'll also have to implement our feasibility study and I'm pretty sure that we're gonna have to change the whole concept and be back to square one since our work is a lot complicated than it already is. I feel so pressured and helpless to be honest.  =__=
       My body clock is also getting worse. I often find myself still awake at 5am T____T I stay up late a lot than I usually do!! I don't get enough sleep because of that. Huhuhu..  maybe a little change in my daily routine wouldn't hurt. I guess?   

    Anyway, sorry for constantly blogging about my stress. I know that this isn't worthy and inspiring in any way but blogging this would somehow make me feel less burden. As for me, there's nothing really special going on lately so Yeahhh. Oh and I might be busy for the next following days or even months once I start my OJT :((((( but I'll keep you guys posted since I love sharing my not so interesting stories and rants and weird stuffs. 
                                      Thank you for reading ~                                              


Sunday, November 2, 2014

How My October Went


Started my October with our Feasibility study defense. We actually had a lot of time to study and brainstorm for it but as you know teens haha ! We procrastinated a lot and always a sucker for due dates so we're like cramming at the very last minute ! The fact that we went to a family gathering the day before made me feel so exhausted to review but I still forced myself to stay up late together with my group mates. It was a nerve wrecking day for everyone! Somehow, it turned out quite well,  all thanks to my hardworking group mates!  After the endless nights of nightmare (defense I'm still talking to you!) comes the most unforgettable day of my life. I was invited/chosen to be a part of Kaila's Rainbowholic Meet up 2014, I blogged about it and guess what? She posted it on her official instagram account huhuhu !
here's the link if you want to read it. So much blessings huhu ! TTuTT She held an essay writing contest and those who will be chosen will have a privilege of meeting her up close and personal. If you asked me, I think my entry sounded more like a fangirl dying to get noticed hahaha! I couldn't believe it up until now. She really is something and I know she can achieve lots of things and more success in the future! I have to stop now or else this will turn into a long-list-of-things-that-I-love-about-Kaila kind of entry haha ! Pursuing my love for kawaii, I also decided to join Kawaii PH Community, I was able to meet many people who shares the same passion that I have !   

I even started coloring the cute booklet that she had given me. Too much kawaiiness !! 
Tadaaaaa~! I had so much fun doing it! 

Also one of the highlight of my October was the day that I finally saw my online friend on cam for the first time ever ! Meet Yumi,
This sweet girl is my fave friend ! I've never actually met her in person because she lives in Japan but she likes to send me photos of the places she went and the people she loves. She also comforts me like nobody else could (that time when I got my heart broken. Lol Grace why bring up that now?xD) She was there for me in spirit. One of the many reasons why I'm eager to visit Japan is because I want to meet her and thank her for this wonderful friendship. I just love her to death ! ♥__♥