Quick Blog Post: Second Semester Will Be No Joke

It's only the second week of second semester and it's already causing us students too much stress. Ugh ....the struggles of a 4th yr student. T^T I have to let out all my frustrations since I'm huge fan of ranting, I'm gonna b..b..b..b..b..break it down for you. We'll be having our OJT this sem and I still have no idea what company should I go for. Me so hopeless TTuTT we'll also have to implement our feasibility study and I'm pretty sure that we're gonna have to change the whole concept and be back to square one since our work is a lot complicated than it already is. I feel so pressured and helpless to be honest.  =__=
       My body clock is also getting worse. I often find myself still awake at 5am T____T I stay up late a lot than I usually do!! I don't get enough sleep because of that. Huhuhu..  maybe a little change in my daily routine wouldn't hurt. I guess?   

    Anyway, sorry for constantly blogging about my stress. I know that this isn't worthy and inspiring in any way but blogging this would somehow make me feel less burden. As for me, there's nothing really special going on lately so Yeahhh. Oh and I might be busy for the next following days or even months once I start my OJT :((((( but I'll keep you guys posted since I love sharing my not so interesting stories and rants and weird stuff. 
                                      Thank you for reading ~                                              



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