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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Selena Gomez Feat. Kygo "It Ain't Me"

Perhaps my current addiction.. The kind of song you would want to listen to while driving.. ♥

Pretty much about the girl who's had enough of the guy's bad habits like drinking and stuff ya knooo. I may have done the same thing if my man happens to be out and about every damn night! >__<

♪♫ I had a dream
We were sipping whiskey neat
Highest floor, The Bowery
Nowhere's high enough
Somewhere along the lines
We stopped seeing eye to eye
You were staying out all night
And I had enough♫♪


Friday, March 10, 2017

When People Tell Me: Uy Tumataba Ka

When some of the nicest people tell me the most uplifting comment:
"Uy parang tumataba ka."

and I'm over here like:
I can't hear you guys over the sound of my pizza crusts!

But really, you feel the need the point that out hahaha ! 

Masarap kumain ano ba kayo xD
I'm all for healthy living and I'm not against dieting. God knows how many times I attempted to go on a strict diet but look who's getting bigger by the day!

Lol I just wanna make a point/rant since we're talking about the size. 
I don't quite understand people's standards when it comes to the sizes of women.

I'm getting sick of being called names, even if it's for a joke coz I believe that women should't feel ashamed of themselves just because of how they look on the outside. I don't feel the need to hide my flabby belly coz' I love my body. Sure I don't weight like the ones in the magazines or the pretty actresses you see in the television, but does it make a difference ? 
I'm a plus size and my options go from M-XL whenever I shop for my clothes and I no see problem in it. I'm valid and I matter in my own world so who are you guys to judge ? :) 

You eat all that hate and me over here like:

Another one, I just want to point out those kind of people who will give you a compliment then get followed by nasty comments like "You're pretty but you'll be prettier if you lose weight". Like gurl I appreciate the love and the compliment but really? -_______- but I usually ignore it since it's non-sense and food is love. ♥

and lastly, kayo ba ang gumagastos sa pang kain ko ? hahahaha!
Kems! I don't wanna depend my validity and existence to anyone for me to feel comfortable with who I am. This is me. This is my body and if you can't accept that then Bye.Bitch.Bye ♥ 


Thursday, March 2, 2017

February 2017

I used to hate February obviously because I'm bitter coz it's the month of hearts lolol and that's one thing I can never get myself out of hahahaha now that's what being single for too long does to people like me (before) ;___;

Anyways, am I the only one dying to go to Baguio because of the unusually cold weather? :( if only I got enough time huhuhu T^T

Manila's temperature was colder and chiller too! and I'm totally digging this kind of climate..

For this month's matcha adventure!!
Tried Matcha Frappe at Boulangerie22 and it's on Buy 1 Take 1 promo! My man got him on Taro flavor. ♥ but I desperately need to try out the Matcha Choco Mousse from Serenitea! That's the main target xD

 and had the time to relax and chill with some of my friends ;__; you guys thank you for spending your night and for doing karaoke with meeeeeee. Hope you all liked my bathroom performances xDD

and just more foooooood
Brickfire is starting to grow into me !
I recommend this Honey Mustard Steak yep, take it from me. :D