February 2017

I used to hate February obviously because I'm bitter coz it's the month of hearts lolol and that's one thing I can never get myself out of hahahaha now that's what being single for too long does to people like me (before) ;___;

Anyways, am I the only one dying to go to Baguio because of the unusually cold weather? :( if only I got enough time huhuhu T^T

Manila's temperature was colder and chiller too! and I'm totally digging this kind of climate..

For this month's matcha adventure!!
Tried Matcha Frappe at Boulangerie22 and it's on Buy 1 Take 1 promo! My man got him on Taro flavor. ♥ but I desperately need to try out the Matcha Choco Mousse from Serenitea! That's the main target xD

 and had the time to relax and chill with some of my friends ;__; you guys thank you for spending your night and for doing karaoke with meeeeeee. Hope you all liked my bathroom performances xDD

and just more foooooood
Brickfire is starting to grow into me !
I recommend this Honey Mustard Steak yep, take it from me. :D

this Strawberry Bingsu at Bingseoul ♥

and if you're asking about my Valentines Day......
Well aside from my man surprising the heck out of me with this huge bear after work, we had a simple dinner at the mall. ♥ 

and now I kind of understand myself before being this bitter when I see someone carrying bouquets and huge ass bears like this hahaha! coz I got some looks from people who passed us by, even got rolled eyes at and heard someone yelled at me "walang forever" haha bessy wag ugaliin ang ampalaya gulay yan lol. xDD

Thank you mon amour :)) Taraaaaay di na alone kapag 14 lol 

Attended a wedding of a friend. I'm not really close to the newlyweds. Jing is actually Bryan's friend/teammate back in their college days and I just met her once and this is the second time I'm seeing her and a first to the groom. I can't believe that this is how our second meeting will be; her wedding. 

This is me, Bryan and Aly (another new found friend) :D waiting for the photoshoot to end.

Souvenir!! I also got a cactus plant, took it home and been watering it ever since hihihi!

Jing looked so pretty that day!! ♥__♥


Awwwwwww ! I seriously can't stop fangirling throughout the ceremony, it just looks so romantic and emotionally satisfying lol 

Congratulations to the newlywed ! Jing and Aldrin. ♥
May you have an amazing marriage !

This one is probably the highlight of my February, forget the Valentines Day, the wedding and the food trips. We celebrated Mamay's 84th Birthday!!! a little story behind me being this happy about it, she was actually hospitalized days before :( due to Pneumonia and a mild heart attack thought she wouldn't make it coz she was weak but she showed us that she's a fighter!! My Mamay is so strong pa even at her age ! and at this point in my life right now, I can't take another lost of someone I dearly love! So I'm just really really thankful to God for healing her. ♥

She even wore a red gown, what a cutieeee. 

Everyone loves her!! From her daughters, and sons down to us (the apo's)
Thank you Mamay for fighting :) 

and to make another segway before ending this entry, 
Here's a photo of Quezon City Hall Public Library. yes quote that "Public Library"! coz it's a bomb ! Thought it was a cafe first but was shook when I read the signage! What an amazing infrastructure for a public use! Like really, Manila do we have that ? N-O-P-E. Wasn't able to go inside coz I was in a hurry :(( Sayaaaang!

 another damage for my hair lol this one is probably the lightest shade I've ever had and guess what ? I randomly dyed it because my sister bought a blonde hair dye in short, nainggit ang lola mo -_- so yan. but seriously, you know how I always love to try blonde hair, but never had the guts to do it because of the damage that my hair already had trying to achieve the ombre but look at me nowhahahaha! Wala ng alarm alarm ano ano nagising talaga ako ng 6 am xDD kemsss Actually, as you can see it's not balanced -_- may discoloration sa bandang baba lol kind of epic fail I know but still,
 it's BLONDE naaaaaa! 

So call me Blondina hahahahaha! :D

Till next entry guys! See youuuuuu ♥



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