When People Tell Me: Uy Tumataba Ka

When some of the nicest people tell me the most uplifting comment:
"Uy parang tumataba ka."

and I'm over here like:
I can't hear you guys over the sound of my pizza crusts!

But really, you feel the need the point that out hahaha ! 

Masarap kumain ano ba kayo xD
I'm all for healthy living and I'm not against dieting. God knows how many times I attempted to go on a strict diet but look who's getting bigger by the day!

Lol I just wanna make a point/rant since we're talking about the size. 
I don't quite understand people's standards when it comes to the sizes of women.

I'm getting sick of being called names, even if it's for a joke coz I believe that women should't feel ashamed of themselves just because of how they look on the outside. I don't feel the need to hide my flabby belly coz' I love my body. Sure I don't weight like the ones in the magazines or the pretty actresses you see in the television, but does it make a difference ? 
I'm a plus size and my options go from M-XL whenever I shop for my clothes and I no see problem in it. I'm valid and I matter in my own world so who are you guys to judge ? :) 

You eat all that hate and me over here like:

Another one, I just want to point out those kind of people who will give you a compliment then get followed by nasty comments like "You're pretty but you'll be prettier if you lose weight". Like gurl I appreciate the love and the compliment but really? -_______- but I usually ignore it since it's non-sense and food is love. ♥

and lastly, kayo ba ang gumagastos sa pang kain ko ? hahahaha!
Kems! I don't wanna depend my validity and existence to anyone for me to feel comfortable with who I am. This is me. This is my body and if you can't accept that then Bye.Bitch.Bye ♥ 



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