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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Why Are You Single ?

Can’t let this month pass without blogging about this love month. I’ve been listing down all the reasons why some of the people can’t seem to find their match, I also did a little research about this topic so I now present you the possible factors why some of the girls can't seem to find a boyfriend :)

1)      High Standards- Us girls really wish to have that tall, dark and handsome guy, the popular, the jock and the hot one but get a grip girl you can’t find a man who can play guitar, sing, dance, cook, act, and even do the laundry at the same time! Be realistic, you can never have a perfect man, everybody has their own flaws. We all have an ideal guy, but don’t set your standards way too high to the point that it will shoo away your possible suitors. Lower your expectations, if your suitor did not qualify your ideal type at least try and get to know him first, you may find something more than what you have expected. Always remember that everybody is unique in their own ways ! Also, don’t depend on the physical appearance, it’s hard to trust men who looks freaking good ~! 

2)      Pain of the Past- We all have that one relationship that we can’t forget no matter how hard we try. We don’t know how pain can destroy a person’s emotions. The pain is excrutiating that some people tend to be stuck in there. When you get hurt in your past, it’s really hard to find a new one, because the thought of being pained and hurt again will always haunt you, it’ll be a traumatic experience for you that you won’t even have the urge to start over again.
You’ll always have the thought that “all guys are the same” making it harder to move on and find a new one. Keep in mind that not all guys are the same, there are still guys out there who will accept and love you for what you are, don’t let these pain ruin your heart, try to be more positive and move on ! There’s a whole lot of amazing things life has in stored in you ! 

3)      Destiny/Fairytale Believers- Count me in coz’ I’m an absolute believer of destiny ! haha :D  Some girls refuse to have boyrfriends just because they’re waiting for their prince charmings or soulmates but here’s the thing: how long are you willing to wait ? I’m not saying that you should just get into a relationship just because you’re getting impatient what I mean is, you can’t always find someone who will be your prince charming or soulmate. Maybe you can (what a contradict lol)but it takes a lot of pain and relationships before you can find the right one ! Don’t expect to see your prince charming with his white horse ! Be realistic maybe what you’re looking for is just right beside you. Or if not, yeaaahhh just wait for the right time and with the right one.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Adriatico Street and Tramway Experience

 Adriatico Street

Me and my friend Jeankei originally planned to watch football at McKinley Hill but for some reasons decided to cancel and chose the alternate "gala" option xD 

We went to Adriatico Street at Malate to wander around, I've watched it on tv that it's a street where Korean stores and restaurants are everywhere. So from McKinley Hill we went straight to Adriatico and let ourselves get lost. 

I saw a lot of Japanese and Korean Restaurants and Bars. Went inside this Korean Convenience Store and here are some of the items that I found inside. 

      They even sell meats !
     Peppero spotted ! 

We actually entered a lot of Korean and Japanese Convenience Stores, I think this is one of them.