Why Are You Single ?

Can’t let this month pass without blogging about this love month. I’ve been listing down all the reasons why some of the people can’t seem to find their match, I also did a little research about this topic so I now present you the possible factors that I ended up with!

1)      High Standards- Us girls really wish to have that tall, dark and handsome guy, the popular, the jock and the hot one but get a grip girl you can’t find a man who can play guitar, sing, dance, cook, act, and even do the laundry at the same time! Be realistic, you can never have a perfect man, everybody has their own flaws. We all have an ideal guy, but don’t set your standards way too high to the point that it will shoo away your possible suitors. Lower your expectations, if your suitor do not qualify your ideal type at least try and get to know him first, you may find something more than what you have expected. Always remember that everybody is unique in their own ways ! Also, don’t depend on the physical appearance, it’s hard to trust men who looks freaking good ~! 

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2)      Pain of the Past- We all have that one relationship that we can’t forget no matter how hard we try. We don’t know how pain can destroy a person’s emotions. The pain is excruciating that some people tend to be stuck in there. When you get hurt in your past, it’s really hard to find a new one, because the thought of being pained and hurt again will always haunt you, it’ll be a traumatic experience for you that you won’t even have the urge to start over again.
You’ll always have the thought that “all guys are the same” making it harder to move on and find a new one. Keep in mind that not all guys are the same, there are still guys out there who will accept and love you for what you are, don’t let these pain ruin your heart, try to be more positive and move on ! There’s a whole lot of amazing things life has in stored in you ! 
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3)      Destiny/Fairytale Believers- Count me in coz’ I’m an absolute believer of destiny ! haha :D  Some avoid relationships just because they’re waiting for their prince charming or soulmates but here’s the thing: how long are you willing to wait ? I’m not saying that you should just get into a relationship just because you’re getting impatient what I mean is, you can’t always find someone who will be your prince charming or soulmate. Maybe you can (what a contradict lol)but it takes a lot of pain and relationships before you can find the right one ! Don’t expect to see your prince charming with his white horse ! Be realistic maybe what you’re looking for is just right beside you. Or if not, yeaaahhh just wait for the right time and with the right one.
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4)      Busybody- Maybe because you’re too busy with other things that you forgot your own lovelife? If you’re too pre-occupied with something then yes, you really won't find a match especially when you’re doing something that you love ! But don’t you get lonely at times? At the end of a busy day comes with lonely thoughts. After all, it’s about being busy and making your time worthy but when you’re alone all of feelings are piling up in your mind. Don’t you miss being loved and cared about ? Try and meet guys during your spare time !  On the other side, if you’re really serious about what’s making you busy and if you don’t have plans of being in a relationship then go and let it be that way
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5)      Lack of Confidence- Every woman has their own insecurities whether it’s about themselves or to other girls. If you lack self confidence then the chances of being in a relationship will lessen. Remember you have to trust and believe in yourself. No guy will love a girl who doesn’t feel good about herself, they’d probably think that you're gonna talk bad about yourself or to other girls because of those insecurities.
Be confident! How are you capable of loving others if you don’t even love yourself ? Love yourself first before loving others that’s the best thing you can do. Be proud of what you are ! If some guys don’t like you then let them be. I’m sure there are tons of guys out there who will love you and accept you for what you are :) Plus, who doesn’t love a confident girl ? Confidence is sexy !
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6)      Don’t be “Thirsty”- basically, thirsty means desperate. I know that we should not settle for anything less but don’t be desperate in finding a man, stay classy. This is why some of the guys treat us badly and often disrespect us because women nowadays acts trashy and very inappropriate generally ruining the image of all the women.
 Girls, I know that we should lower our expectations but please don’t set it way too low to the point that you’re losing your dignity too. Yes, maybe you can find your ideal tall, dark and handsome guy but most of those guys are the jerks ! Those kind of men definitely don’t have the mind set of settling down and getting serious with you. Let everything come natural, let love find you.
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7)      Comparing Every Person to your Ex- Maybe because you keep on comparing every person you meet with your ex that’s why nobody wants to be with you. Always remember that everyone is different. And please stop comparing them ! Move on girl, he’s not coming back and you should always put in your mind the reason why he’s already your ex, yes because there is something wrong with him or in your relationship with him. Don’t go comparing if your suitor doesn’t have shiny hair, blue eyes, cars, etc. like your ex, this will probably cause  them to go away.. Don’t tell them to change just because you don’t like something  about them. Learn to see the good in everyone.
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8)      Collect-Collect-Select- If you’re the kind of person with the “collect and collect then select” attitude then more likely you’ll stay single. First of all having that kind of perspective is bad. Don’t collect guys they’re not toys, that if you find what you’re looking for you’ll dispose of the rest. Just think of it vice versa, and you’re one of the options, would you be happy ? If you can’t commit to one then better stay single than having tons of guys around you but can’t pick which one to choose.You might lose the moon while counting the stars. Also, just think of all the feelings that you’re about to hurt. Don’t be selfish and think of what they’re going to feel. You’ll create the wrong image. Every guy will think that you’re a player and if that happens don’t wonder why no one courts you. 
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9)      Meet New People- expand your territory, the wider the range of the guys you know the higher the chance of finding your love ! Because if you’re a home buddy and does nothing but wait for a miracle, nothing will happen. You have to go out, if a friend invited you to group date, a birthday party or on a wedding ceremony accept it ! Or if you don’t like attending parties and other celebrations you could also try joining an organization that you love, for example if you love swimming why don’t you join a club for swimmers or if you’re a bookworm try hanging out on a library. There are plenty of ways to meet new people you just have to step out of your comfort zone and have enough self confidence.
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10)   Enjoyment of Staying Single- This one is probably the antagonist of this list. While everyone is busy finding love, others may find being single enjoying and exciting! Just think of the positive things that a single person can do compare to the taken one. Freedom is the most advantage of the singles, being free without being neglected to do this and that is amazing right ? You can do everything you want, go wherever, attend bunch of parties and meet other guys. There are lots of reasons why some people preferred to stay single despite of the countless suitors and peer pressures.Being single is a good thing because subconsciously you’re teaching yourself how to be independent without relying to someone, and also focus on self-improvement.
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Before I end this, I just want to say these are all based on my research and personal experience.
Hope I can somehow be helpful with this list. If you did fall into these categories then you should do a little change. But at the end of the day, don’t rush into falling in love, just because you’re feeling lonely doesn’t mean that you can just jump into a relationship. It takes a lot of trust, understanding, love and pain to build a strong relationship. You can never find a perfect couple, every relationship has it’s own flaws some people just found a way on dealing and accepting it.
You’re probably single because if you aren’t you won’t be here reading this list xD Don’t feel lonely just because all of your friends are taken, try to look at it in a positive way ! Maybe some people who are in a relationship wishes to be free like you ! You’ll never know ! Just wait for the right time, if it’s meant to be it will be, let love find you :) Happy Valentine’s Day



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