Adriatico Street and Tramway Experience

 Adriatico Street

Me and my friend Jeankei originally planned to watch football at McKinley Hill but for some reasons decided to cancel and chose the alternate "gala" option xD 

We went to Adriatico Street at Malate to wander around, I've watched it on tv that it's a street where Korean stores and restaurants are everywhere. So from McKinley Hill we went straight to Adriatico and let ourselves get lost. 

I saw a lot of Japanese and Korean Restaurants and Bars. Went inside this Korean Convenience Store and here are some of the items that I found inside. 

      They even sell meats !
     Peppero spotted ! 

We actually entered a lot of Korean and Japanese Convenience Stores, I think this is one of them.

Got tired and decided to eat dinner at Chicken Charlie.

 Their last customer leaving ~
So we had the whole place all to ourselves !!

 Saw this huge white board ... 

and decided to write something hahaha ! (Saranghaeyo= I love you in Korean) 

Explored more of the area and saw some Koreans and Japanese along the way ! I didn't took pictures on the streets or the restaurants because it would be a little dangerous.

Our trip didn't just finished after that, we also went to Robinsons Place and stopped by McDonalds.

Here's Xian Lim and an old man photobombing lol ~!  

So basically, we just tired ourselves out haha ! But it's fun and exciting. We're not really familiar with the place but we managed to get home safely ! I would also love to go back there again and just hang out and let myself get lost.

If you want to visit and wonder around Adriatico it is located at A. Adriatico St., Malate, Metro Manila 

 Tramway Experience

January 30 is Vien's Birthday ! He's the cutest,sweetest but most dangerous (yes he really is haha!) one in my circle of friends. He treated us at Tramway Bayview Buffet at Roxas !

It was an eat-all-you-can restaurant good thing I didn't eat the whole day (secretly starved myself just for this day hahahaha !) but make sure to eat all the food on your plate because they'll charge you if you didn't finished. 
Php6 per grams.Yep, that's the deal 

So let the pictures do the talking :D

This crystal chandelier caught my attention xD



Sorry wasn't able to take a lot of pictures of their food because I'm too busy choosing which one to eat next xD My eyes are shining 

My first plate:
Pigged out with sushi, siomai and lotus siopao
Trying to eat slowly and moderately.

Lol kidding hahahaha !
My second plate !!!! :D
Yang Chow Fried Rice, Sweet & Sour Pork, Friend Tofu, Radish Cake, Pancit Canton Guisado,and Fried Wanton ! Oh the joys of being treated.

After finishing my second plate, a staff told us to get everything we want because they're going to put away all the food to get ready for the dinner T___T

Almost full but craved for more so I ended up taking Carbonara, Gelatins, Coffee Jelly and Coffee Panacotta for dessert.
But wasn't able to finish carbonara, I just can't eat anymore haha ! 

Look at our table !!!!!! 

Laida awkwardly playing with watermelon, papaya and hard boiled egg hahaha ! Creative xD

Me struggling to breathe because of my bloated tummy and fit uniform.

Asked one of the staff to take a picture for us :D

It was a great experience especially when you get to enjoy every minute of it with your friends !! Thank you Vien for the treat and also to John for making this blowout possible. 

We didn't get to finished all the food on our plate, good thing we're the last customers so they didn't charge us anything. Lucky us ~!

If you want to know more about Tramway you can visit their website here :D Tramway



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